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Introductory Business English A Be well versed with day-to-day business vocabulary. This 12-unit course introduces you to the commonly used terms in Business English.

Introductory Business English B Master the correct way of speaking with company guests and co-workers. This 12-unit course will help you acquire the proper vocabulary needed when dealing with the public.

Introductory Business English A
CleverCourse - Online English Courses
  • Get familiar with office machinery.
  • Face job interviews with confidence.
  • Talk about your skills and abilities.
  • Learn business vocabulary.
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Introductory Business English B
CleverCourse - Online English Courses
  • Learn computer terminology.
  • Interact with customers and business associates.
  • Organize meetings.
  • Understand financial aspects of business
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Marketing  Get to know important marketing concepts in this 12-lesson course. Gain the necessary communication skills needed in a marketing environment with English for Marketing.

Manufacturing Acquire the vocabulary skills needed to communicate in a manufacturing environment. Understand the different manufacturing procedures and methods in this 12-lesson course.

CleverCourse - Online English Courses
  • Devise a marketing plan
  • Setting product prices
  • Planning a promotional campaign
  • International marketing factors
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CleverCourse - Online English Courses
  • Factory health and safety
  • Productivity
  • The importance of Quality Control
  • Assembly line production
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Finance  Be introduced to the ins and outs of Finance in this 12-lesson course. Enrich your vocabulary with the right words to say in a financial environment.

The Customer Speak to clients with confidence. This 12-lesson course introduces you to important terminology used in the Customer Service industry.

CleverCourse - Online English Courses
  • How to maintain good credit and inventory control
  • Export procedures
  • The importance of financial reporting
  • Trading on the stock market
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The Customer
CleverCourse - Online English Courses
  • Effective communication skills
  • Building customer loyalty
  • The importance of customer help desks
  • Quality and customer expectations
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Presentations and Negotiations  Communicate effectively when making business presentations and negotiations. Get the needed vocabulary skills with this 12-lesson course.

Business Travel   Learn to communicate effectively when traveling to foreign countries. This 12-lesson course teaches you the functional language and vocabulary skills for Business Travel.

Presentations and Negotiations
CleverCourse - Online English Courses
  • Preparing business presentations
  • Conducting merger negotiations
  • Discussing corporate strategy
  • The Annual General Meeting
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Business Travel
CleverCourse - Online English Courses
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Airport regulations on departure and   arrival
  • Ordering food in a restaurant
  • Making and handling complaints
  • Checking in and out of hotels
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Human Resources  Learn the functional language and vocabulary skills needed to recruit and interview job applicants. This 12-lesson course places emphasis on employer-employee relations.

Information Technology  English for Information Technology is recommended for those with Intermediate Level of English proficiency. This 12-unit course contains significant technical vocabulary for everyday use in the IT field.

Human Resources
CleverCourse - Online English Courses
  • Recruiting qualified employees
  • Conducting applicant interviews
  • Employee development
  • Harassment and discrimination issues
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Information Technology
CleverCourse - Online English Courses
  • Learn about the history of Information Technology
  • Know the parts of computers and their peripherals
  • Understand the Internet, browsers, web pages and IT careers
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