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Introductory Business English A   

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Course Description: 
Be well versed with day-to-day business vocabulary. This 12-unit course introduces you to the commonly used terms in Business English.

Goals and Objectives:
At the end of the course, you are expected to improve your listening, speaking, and reading skills. You will know how to communicate with confidence during interviews. You will also learn the voccabulary used in company orientations, and be familiar with business machinery and its usage.

    SCHEDULE:   You can take one new lesson per day from any course.

Where do I start? : Where to look for a job. : Methods of finding employment.
Polishing the resume : Paperwork involved in a job search. : Perfecting a resume, cover letter and job application.
When I was a student : Interview procedure : Telling about one's interests and abilities.
What benefits am I entitled to? : Interview procedure : Asking about the prospective employer.
Company orientation : Company history : Being told of the prospective employer's past.
Who is the CEO? : Company structure : Learning the company's organizational hierarchy.
Meeting with the CEO : Business goals and objectives : Being told of the employer's goals for future growth.
Signing the contract : Contract of employment : Explanation of the employment contract and benefits.
Security, safety and health : Security, health and safety issues : Explanation of security and safety procedures.
The company tour : General office layouts : Initial tour to meet department managers.
This is your office. : Introduction to office machinery : Operation of various office machines.
Communication policies : Forms of communication : Internal and external communication procedures.
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