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    Introductory Business English B

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Course Description: 
Master the correct way of speaking with company guests and co-workers. This 12-unit course will help you acquire the proper vocabulary needed when dealing with the public.

Goals and Objectives:
After taking the course, you will have enriched your vocabulary with proper English terms in dealing with complaints, receiving guests, making travel plans, and organizing company meetings. You will also have picked up several computer terms and expressions used in web page design.

    SCHEDULE:  You can take one new lesson per day from any course.

These are your duties : Receptionist expectations. : Appropriate language and decorum.
Who is complaining? : Handling complaints as a receptionist. : Dealing with unhappy customers.
I forgot to update the diary! : Arranging diary appointments and travel arrangements. : How to document travel and appointments.
You need to upgrade him. : Arranging hotel accommodations. : Hotel accomodations for important people.
You could arrange a complimentary meal. : Entertaining business associates. : Being a good host for business associates.
Is that a webcam? : Computer technology and terminology. : Becoming familiar with basic computer terms.
This web site is very user friendly. : Web site design terminology. : Building a company web site.
What happens if the product is faulty? : The importance of quality assurance. : Copyrights, patents and plagiarism.
We must maintain a healthy bank balance. : Financial reporting terms. : How to understand company financial aspects.
Coffee time : The importance of public relations : Projecting a good public image.
Let's review your agenda. : Organizing a meeting. : How to plan an internal company meeting.
An internal meeting. : Conducting an internal meeting. : Basics of an internal company meeting.
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