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Course Description: 
Get to know important marketing concepts in this 12-lesson course. Gain the necessary communication skills needed in a marketing environment with English for Marketing.

Goals and Objectives:
In this course, you will come across relevant terms used in market research. You will learn key elements in making successful marketing strategies and advertising campaigns. You will also become familiar with language involved in International Marketing.

    SCHEDULE:   You can take one new lesson per day from any course.

What is marketing? : Introduction to marketing concepts : Understand and be able to use basic marketing terms.
We must identify our target market. : Analyzing markets and customers : How to determine which buyers are likely to want particular products or services, based on market segmentation.
Who prepares the questionnaires? : Discussing marketing research : Qualitative and quantitative market research, primary and secondary data collection and evaluation.
The marketing mix : Explaining the marketing mix : The importance of each of the four P's: product, price, place and promotion.
We must improve our product attributes. : Improving product attributes : Quality, price and reliability of products or services and use trade fairs to study consumer reactions.
We want the lion's share of the market. : Discussing pricing strategy : Setting prices for products/services in sensible, yet profitable, ways.
We want to achieve nationwide sales. : Discussing distribution strategy : The difference between distributors and dealers and the roles of each in the distribution process.
We need to arouse consumer interest. : Arousing consumers' interest in products. : The main methods of promoting products/services and making the public aware of what a company offers.
What form of advertising influences you? : Planning an advertising campaign : The types of advertising which affect and influence consumers.
I dream of winning a round the world trip. : Various types of sales promotions : Which promotional ideas attract people, from contests to free gifts and other promotional tools.
When should we launch the product? : The timing and planning involved in launching a new product. : Designing a marketing plan which involves scheduling, monitoring and budgeting for success.
We hope to become a multinational company. : The concepts involved in international marketing plans. : The various elements involved in marketing across national borders, such things as legal issues, cultural issues, economic and political issues.
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