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Course Description: 
Acquire the vocabulary skills needed to communicate in a manufacturing environment. Understand the different manufacturing procedures and methods in this 12-lesson course.

Goals and Objectives:
After taking this course, you will have a perception of how goods are produced, packaged, and distributed. You will be able to grasp the importance of Research and Development and Quality Control. You will know how to discuss issues related to the manufacturing process.

    SCHEDULE:   You can take one new lesson per day from any course.

We want to encourage good labor relations. : The importance of human relations. : How to improve motivation by encouraging employee input.
We must look at the big picture. : Product research and development. : The importance of feasibility studies when designing new products.
Can you cut the mustard? : Manufacturing processes. : The job responsibilities of the various people involved in the assembly line process.
Today will be a dry run. : The importance of maintenance procedures with industrial machinery. : Maintaining a high standard of safety on the factory floor and what to do in case of machinery malfunctions.
Beware of hazardous materials! : Safety regulations in the factory. : How each employee can help to maintain safety while on the factory floor.
We need to fill and send out orders quickly. : Packaging and distributing goods. : The stages involved in shipping, from the receipt of a purchase order to the sending out of the goods.
We are working at full capacity at present. : The production cycle. : How to maintain high productivity by having sufficient raw materials and components on hand at all times.
What is productivity? : How to improve efficiency. : How a company can improve efficiency not only by employee motivation, but by improving machinery and work processes.
All of our products should be perfect! : Quality assurance within the manufacturing industry. : Understanding the importance of quality control from the customer's perspective.
We produce printed circuit boards for computers. : Various tools and machines used in the factory. : Some of the tools and machinery involved in producing circuit boards.
Confidentiality is of paramount importance. : The benefits of using contract manufacturers. : The advantages and disadvantages of using outsourcing companies as an aid to production.
We need to access to skilled and blue-collar workers. : What factors to consider when planning to relocate. : The various factors to consider when planning a factory relocation. Access to transportation networks, availability of skilled workers and government incentive programs.
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