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Course Description: 
Be introduced to the ins and outs of Finance in this 12-lesson course. Enrich your vocabulary with the right words to say in a financial environment.

Goals and Objectives:
At the end of this course, you will be able to understand the importance of maintaining good financial controls and records. You will know how to use the correct terminology when dealing with paperwork in relation to the export of goods. You will also learn to interpret financial data and reports. You will also get acquainted with terminology used in the stock market.

    SCHEDULE:   You can take one new lesson per day from any course.

We double-check our transactions. : An introduction to different finance departments. : The role of the different sections within the finance department.
Are you credit-worthy? : Discussing credit control : How to check that your customers are credit worthy and how to maintain a good credit control system.
We must control inventory levels. : The importance of a good inventory control system. : Recording stocks of raw materials, work in progress and finished goods are all part of the inventory control system.
What are indirect costs? : Calculating the selling price of goods. : Direct and indirect costs and discounts are all factors when deciding on your final selling price. This unit explains some of the costs to be taken into consideration.
All export documentation must be precise. : Exporting goods : This unit deals with some of the paperwork involved in exporting goods and the role of the customs department in the export procedure.
You must meet the terms and conditions. : Methods of payment for overseas trade. : Pro forma invoicing, wire transfers and drafts and documentary letters of credits are all ways of obtaining payment from overseas buyers.
What is good will? : Assets and liabilities : Balance sheet reporting, the different types of assets and liabilities, and accounting for depreciation are covered in this unit.
Some products are cash cows. : Discussing profitability : The income statement is an important reporting tool. All companies strive to make a profit. Some products are loss-makers, whereas others are cash cows. It's important to find the right balance to ensure profitability.
All publicly traded companies have stockholders. : The need for stocks and stockholders. : Publicly listed companies raise money in the form of preffered or common stock. The benefits and disadvantages to the stockholders of holding each type of stock.
Is it a bear or a bull market? : Discussing the stock market : How to buy stocks, the difference between a bear and a bull market, and what causes the stock market to rise or fall.
There are too many taxes to pay! : The difference between direct and indirect taxation. : We all pay taxes in one way or another. This unit deals with some of the different types of personal and business taxes that you are likely to encounter.
They ensure we aren't cooking the books. : The role of an external auditor. : Ensuring the company is operating within government regulations in their record keeping. Risk assessments and safeguarding assets are all important functions of an auditor's job.
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