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   The Customer

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Course Description: 
Speak to clients with confidence. This 12-lesson course introduces you to important terminology used in the Customer Service industry.

Goals and Objectives:
This course will help you to understand the importance of good customer relations. You will learn how to deal with complaints and treat your customers with courtesy and respect. The course also considers ways to improve public relations.

    SCHEDULE:   You can take one new lesson per day from any course.

You must be prepared to go the extra mile. : Introduction to customer service. : Understanding the difference between good and bad customer service.
Always be honest with your customers. : Essential skills when making or receiving telephone calls. : The importance of each of the three P's: positive, personal and perceptive.
Dealing with Mr. Angry : Placating an angry customer : This unit deals with placating angry customers with correct and apologetic language.
Do not ignore your customers. : The need for a quick response : Responding to customers in a timely manner is important. If you can't answer the question immediately, give the customer a time frame for your reply, and stick to it!
The staff know the products inside out. : Improving inbound telephone techniques : The importance of good telephone techniques includes ensuring all staff have a comprehensive knowledge of the products.
Word of mouth goes a long way. : Customer service questionnaires : In order to improve customer service, you should find out what the customer wants. We do this using questionnaires. This unit tells you the sort of questions you should ask.
What are FAQ's? : Customer service over the internet : The advantages of having an email helpdesk are discussed in this unit.
We hope they can close the sale. : Telemarketing : The difference between outbound and inbound telemarketing and the advantages to a company of receiving a lot inbound calls.
What is public relations? : The importance of public relations. : This unit deals with the importance of good public relations. A lot of people confuse PR and advertising. In this lesson, you will learn some of the differences.
Always proofread your work. : Tips for writing a news release. : In this lesson, you will receive some valuable tips on preparing a news release. Snappy headlines, plain English, no typo errors, all help to ensure your release will be accepted by a media editor.
We must minimize disruption. : Crisis management : The importance of preparing a business continuity plan in case of crisis. A quick response is essential in diffusing critical situations and minimizing financial damage.
We want to attract high caliber applicants. : How to attract and retain good quality staff. : In order to retain good staff you need to maintain high morale and increase staff motivation. Working incentives are one good way to achieve this goal.
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