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  Presentations and Negotiations

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Course Description: 
Communicate effectively when making business presentations and negotiations. Get the needed vocabulary skills with this 12-lesson course.

Goals and Objectives:
This course will help you to prepare business presentations and discuss company strategy. You will know terms needed in reporting on merger negotiations and learn about conference calls. You will also be introduced to terminology used in both external and internal meetings, including the Annual Meeting for Stockholders.

    SCHEDULE:   You can take one new lesson per day from any course.

Does your company have a competitive edge? : Explaining the different types of company : This introductory unit explains the four basic company organizational structures. It also explains different types of company ownership.
Corporate Competition : Corporate competitive strategy : How to win over your competitors. If this is not possible, think about a merger or collaborate, consolidate with them.
Globalized Company Strategy   Discussing globalization : The possible hitches to overcome when considering mergers or takeovers of foreign companies.
Tyler's keeping it under wraps. : Preparing for the annual meeting of stockholders. : This unit deals with the preparations that are made prior to an annual meeting.
Annual Stockholders' Meeting : The annual meeting in progress. : Clever world has an important announcement to make at the annual meeting. They are holding discussions with a Japanese company with regards to a possible merger.
Report on Merger Negotiations : Discussing merger negotiations : Differences in corporate culture can cause problems in merger negotiations. This unit explains that compromise is often the best policy.
Preparing a Merger Proposal : Intercompany communications : The language used in merger talks can make the difference between success and failure. The use of positive, non-aggressive vocabulary is vital if you wish to succeed.
Conference calls help to level the playing field. : Business metaphors : This unit introduces you to some of the common metaphors used in Business English.
What do the employees think about the proposed merger? : Staff discussion about the possible merger. : In this lesson, the staff are having an informal chat about the proposed merger. They are speculating as to what may, or may not happen in the future.
The merger is a success! : Meeting of department heads. : The CEO makes an announcement that the merger has been successful. This unit deals with the signing of the contract.
This is our CEO's vision. : The effect the merger will have on existing employees. : This unit deals with some of the gradual changes that will be introduced due to the merger of two companies.
You've impressed everyone with your enthusiasm. : Describing highlights : This lesson introduces you to vocabulary used in describing highlights. You will also learn ways of saying farewell to a business colleague who is leaving the company.
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