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   Business Travel

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Course Description: 
Learn to communicate effectively when traveling to foreign countries. This 12-lesson course teaches you the functional language and vocabulary skills for Business Travel.

Goals and Objectives:
In this course, you will have learned to make travel arrangements, understand the terminology used in airports, and check in and out of hotels. You will also have learned to successfully order food in restaurants, learn the vocabulary of trade exhibitions and business conferences, and visit tourist sites.

    SCHEDULE:   You can take one new lesson per day from any course.

Making Reservations : Making reservations for a trip to Japan. : In this first lesson, you will learn how to organise a trip abroad using the services of a travel agent to book your flights and accommodations.
Checking in at the airport. : Checking in at the airport and boarding a plane. : Once you have arrived at the airport, there are various procedures that you must follow before you can board the plane. This lesson follows Tyler and Thelma through the different pre-boarding stages.
Arrival in Japan : Arrival at the airport, clearing immigration and customs. : When you arrive in a foreign country, you need to go through immigration and customs. In this unit, Tyler and Thelma have arrived in Japan and are going through the required formalities.
Checking into the hotel : Arrival at the hotel, registration and general hotel information. : This unit deals with arrival at your reserved hotel, the registration process,and the additional services the hotel provides.
Attending a Conference : Preparing to attend a business conference. : In this lesson, Tyler and Thelma attend a business conference run by their Japanese hosts. You will be introduced to some basic conference vocabulary.
Ordering Dinner : Ordering food and making complaints. : This unit deals with the vocabulary and expressions used when ordering a meal in a restaurant. You will also learn how to make and answer complaints relating to food and service.
Attending a Trade Show : Attending a foreign trade show. : Tyler and Thelma are attending an electronics trade show. You will learn some important business terms relating to exhibitions in this unit.
Business Entertaining : An evening out in Tokyo. : In this unit, Tyler and Thelma are treated to a night out in Tokyo. They visit a restaurant, attend a sumo-wrestling match and go to a karaoke bar.
Visiting a tourist office. : Asking for and receiving directions. : This lesson deals with giving directions and asking for advice on places to visit from a tourist information officer.
City Tour : Taking a guided tour around the city. : In this lesson, Tyler and Thelma take a guided tour of the city. The vocabulary in this unit focuses on tourist attractions.
A weekend sightseeing trip. : Visiting the sights outside of the city. : This unit concentrates on a countryside sightseeing trip. Tyler and Thelma stay in a bed and breakfast establishment, look at the scenery, and shop for souvenirs.
Checking Out and Returning Home. : Paying the hotel bill on departure. : In this final unit, Tyler and Thelma pay their hotel bill prior to checking out of the hotel. You will be introduced to the vocabulary needed when querying and settling your final account.
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