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   Human Resources

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Course Description: 
Learn the functional language and vocabulary skills needed to recruit and interview job applicants. This 12-lesson course places emphasis on employer-employee relations.

Goals and Objectives:
In this course, you will understood the issues involved in recruitment, hiring, training, and other workplace relationships in an American work environment. You will also be introduced to vocabulary commonly used in discussions related to Human Relations issues.

    SCHEDULE:   You can take one new lesson per day from any course.

Substandard employees not wanted! : Recruitment strategies : This first lesson focuses on the various recruitment strategies a company may employ in order to attract qualified employees. Vocabulary used in the recruitment field is used.
Are all job applicants truthful? : Screening job applications : A careful scrutiny of a job applicant often reveals that they are not what they represent themselves to be. This lesson brings out the importance of face-to- face interviews, and the shortcomings of long-distance hiring.
Foreign employees at Clever World? : Hiring foreign employees : Recruitment of foreign employees can be controversial. Labor unions often consider this as stealing jobs from US citizens. The lesson discusses the positives and the negatives of overseas recruitment, and ways to avoid problems.
Fiona wants more training for her staff. : Discussing the design of a training curriculum. : Before designing a training curriculum for employee in-house training, it is important to identify the training needs. This is what the Human Resources head does in a meeting with the head of Finance.
Does an apprenticeship program fill vacancies? : Orientation of IT Employees : An apprenticeship program is beneficial, especially when working in a specialty field like computers. This lesson discusses such a program, and how to implement it.
Assertiveness is an important character trait. : Discussion - Marketing employees : The marketing department has many high-pressure jobs. There are deadlines to meet in the various advertising and marketing projects. This lesson discusses the type of employees the Clever World marketing department prefers.
Clever World doesn't allow discrimination. : Discussing discrimination issues. : Charges of discrimination may cause a company to end up in a US Federal court. This lesson discusses the various types of discrimination that are illegal in the United States.
Should Clever World re-train or dismiss? : The development and re-training of problem employees. : It's often financially more beneficial to a company to develop a problem employee into a productive one, than to dismiss them. The topic of this lesson is employee development with the accompanying vocabulary.
Is this a career path, or only a job for you? : Employee counseling : This lesson involves a counseling session with a special focus on the approach, and the attitude of the superior doing the counseling.
What is a performance assurance plan? : An employee coaching session. : In this lesson, Clever World is conducting a coaching session for some employees who have problems meeting the company objectives.
He won't leave me alone. : Handling a sexual harassment complaint. : Sexual harassment is a serious matter. This lesson shows how to handle such an complaint, with emphasis on the proper vocabulary to use in handling such a delicate matter.
Clever World's annual award banquet. : Planning the company employee recognition dinner. : This final lesson shows the many functions of a company's human resources department. Not just serious matters,but also recreational ones, such as the company's annual employee recognition banquet.
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