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   Information Technology

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Course Description: 
English for Information Technology is recommended for those with Intermediate Level of English proficiency. This 12-unit course contains significant technical vocabulary for everyday use in the IT field.

Goals and Objectives:
This course will give you a basic understanding of concepts involved in operating an IT department in a company using the trade language of the computer industry.

    SCHEDULE:   You can take one new lesson per day from any course.

A Brief History of Computers : Changes in computers since 1942 : This lesson traces the development of computers since their invention in 1942. Vocabulary includes those used the early years, as well as those of present time.
The Parts of a Computer : Augmenting a computer's efficiency : Parts of a computer like CPU, ROM, and RAM are explained in relation to their functions.
Ryan learns about Input and Output devices and Storage : Input and output devices and means of storage : Various input devices are explained such as mouse, scanner, light pen, joystick and floppy discs and CD-ROM. Printers and storage mechanisms are also explained.
Networking Computers : How computers can connect to each other : Various computer networks and how computers communicate with each other are discussed. LAN, WAN, servers and routers are also presented.
Explaining GUI's or Graphical User Interfaces : Explaining GUIs : This lesson goes through the steps for writing a simple program and presents programming as a systematic process.
Computer Languages : Explaining computer languages : Some common computer programming languages like C++, BASIC, HTMIL, JAVA and PASCAL are explained in this lesson.
Programs and Programming : Techniques for software development : This lesson goes through the steps for writing a simple program and presents programming as a systematic process.
Learning about Software Packages : Software packages, databases & spreadsheets : Here, some tips about word processing, toolbars, databases, formatting and doing searches are given.
Graphics and Multimedia : Desktop publishing and multimedia : Learn how to import (insert) images or animation or sound into files.
The Internet and Web Pages : Explaining web pages and the World Wide Web : Learn about surfing the Internet, bulletin boards, and emails and how to put together a good web site.
Errors and Computer Crime : Problems relating to computers : This lesson covers problems such as system crashes, pirated software and hackers. Viruses and Spam are explained.
Careers in IT : Explaining IT career opportunities : This lesson gives information on career opportunities in the telecommunications field, from programming to network support personnel.
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