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Cleverlearn® accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Bankeinzug as payment.


The monthly subscription fee shall be automatically charged to you through the payment method you have selected unless you terminate your Cleverlearn subscription at least seven days prior to the cut-off date by notifying Cleverlearn at cut-off date is defined as the day of the month you first subscribed to the day prior to the same day of the following month. In the event that you add or change service/plans, your subsequent cut-off date will be based on the date the change or addition of new service/plan is effected.

   Adjustment of Subscription Fees

Your subscription fees will be adjusted to reflect any additions or upgrades to your subscription plan; however, no adjustments or rebates will be available for early termination of a subscription. If you add to or upgrade your subscription, Cleverlearn will provide you a pro rata credit based on the total number of days that lapsed from your old cut-off date to the date the change or addition of your new subscription is effective.


   Original Plan Purchased    Date
   Standard Plan $8.95    01-August-2003
   New Plan Purchased    Date
   CleverHandy™ Plan    10-August-2003

Usage - 9 days / 30 days x $8.95 = $2.69
Rebate - $8.95 - $2.69 = $6.26

  Bill will contain the following details:
  10-Aug-03    Standard Plan   $ 8.95
  10-Aug-03    Cleverhandy Plan   $ 9.00
  10-Aug-03    Rebate on Standard Plan (9 days usage only) - $ 6.26
  Total Amount Due:   $ 11.69


All charges for the subscription are final and non-refundable. Credits will only apply to customers changing, adding or upgrading their current account.

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