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1. What lessons does CleverClasses offers?
CleverClasses offers a range of lessons and topics that will enhance your English speaking, reading, and listening skills, as well as improve your vocabulary through the use of images, voice and chat technologies. It covers a range of topics from everyday conversational topics on popular activities to serious English lessons.

2. What are the levels of CleverClasses lessons?
CleverClasses lessons are classified into Beginner and Intermediate levels, to meet various needs of different types of users.

Beginner lessons are best suited for individuals with very little exposure to English but can use and recognize common words, expressions and even, greetings. These lessons are also designed for individuals with less knowledge on English grammar.

Intermediate lessons are given to individuals who can communicate in English easily on everyday matters but with a limited range of vocabulary and style. These are recommended for those who can confidently read and write about familiar topics.

3. What are the types of CleverClasses lessons?
CleverClasses offers topical and lesson discussions.

Topical discussions are free flowing discussions on popular and interesting everyday conversational subject matters, like sports, hobbies, friends, or even guidelines to everyday activities. The moderator allows the class participants to share their views on a given topic. Discussions are done with the objective not only to test the participants’ English skills, but also to build their confidence in conversing in the English language.

Users can choose a class based on a variety of grammar lessons. In lesson discussions, a topic is discussed at length. For participants to better understand the lesson, illustrations in the form of projector files are attached.

4. How do I enroll in CleverClasses?
To enroll in CleverClasses, click on the “Sign-up Now” button found on the CleverClasses homepage. Then, register an account with Cleverlearn or sign-in your Cleverlearn account immediately if you already have one. Afterwards, you will be asked to enter your credit card information to verify your account. If you do not have a credit card, just email our Customer Service to arrange for a different payment method to enroll in CleverClasses.

After you have enrolled successfully, you can start attending classes right away. Please note to download the application.

5. How long is CleverClasses' subscription period?
A CleverClasses subscription is good for one month.

6. How many classes can I join during my subscription?
There is no limit to the number of class you can join during your subscription period. You can join as many classes as you like.

7. What is the 7-day free trial?
The 7-day free trial allows users to enjoy CleverClasses without payment obligations. As in a normal subscription, you are allowed to join as many classes as you like during the trial period.

8. How do I cancel my free trial?
To cancel your free trial, simply write your intention to cancel and email it to Please take note that unless cancelled, free trials are automatically upgraded to normal subscriptions as soon as the trial period expires and normal rates automatically apply.

9. How do I find and book a class?
To find a class, click on the “Book Class” button on your account mainpage. You will be directed to the “Find A Class” page. Fill in the class details on the fields such as the date, level, type and time zone, then click on the “Go” button. You will be given a list of the schedules. From the list you could book the class of your choice. Please take note that you are allowed to book only one class at a time.

10. How many classes can I book?
You are allowed to book only one class at a time. If have already booked one class and you are interested to book another one, you can either cancel your previous booking to book your new class; or keep your current booking and just book another one as soon as the class is over.

11. How do I cancel/change a booking?
If you want to cancel a booking, click on the "View Details " button in the menu section. There you will find the “Cancel” dropdown button. Before you proceed with canceling a class, you will be asked to confirm first the booking cancellation before you get to book a new class. You also have the option to keep your existing booking.

12. Can I book a class in advance if I am not yet enrolled in CleverClasses?
Advance booking is only available for CleverClasses enrollees. If you are not yet enrolled, you have to sign up for a CleverClasses account before you can start booking a class.

13. How do I access/change my profile?
To access your profile, go to “My Account” page, and then go to View Settings. Here you will find your personal information such as age, favorites, etc. You can also edit your information by clicking on “Update Settings”.

14. How do I upload my photo?
To upload a photo, go to View Settings and click on “Upload Image”. You are allowed to upload one photo at a time. File size should not be more than 500 mb. Each photo that will be submitted is subject for approval. Photos containing nudity, or are considered obscene and offensive according to CleverClasses rules will not be accepted.

15. How do I change my existing photo?
To replace or change an existing photo, go to View Settings and click on “Change Photo”.

16. I wanted to join a class, but I couldn't.
There are two reasons why you may not be able to join a class. Either you have been banned from CleverClasses or the class has already started.

A participant may be banned if the participant has done something inappropriate during a previous class. If you have been banned and wish to re-activate your account, please contact your CleverClasses representative right away.

Also, once a class has already started, you can no longer join that class. Therefore, you are advised to enter your class at least a few minutes ahead of time.

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