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Why should we take English?

Choosing to study English as your second language is a wise choice at these globally competitive times. Facility in the English language is considered a primary skill in almost all fields of discipline. Considered as the world’s most useful language, English brings together people from various nationalities towards international communication. English is your key to speak to the world.
You could study a number of other languages, but first, consider these facts on why English is the excellent choice:
  English, as a first language, is spoken by some 350 million people, but over 800 million people speak or are learning it as a second language.  
  English is the language most acknowledged and used in international business.  
  English is the language scientists worldwide use to communicate with their colleagues.  
  English is the only acceptable language for the airline industry.  
  English is spoken as a second language by 44% of the citizens of European Union (EU) countries.  
  English is the second language of choice in many Asian, European and South American countries.  
  English is the language of diplomacy, medicine, engineering, and the arts.  
  English is the most widely used language on the Internet and in the information technology sector.  
Competent English skills will open your opportunities such as studying abroad, traveling to other countries, trading in the global market, or working for a multinational corporation.
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