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CleverClasses Virtual Classroom

1 How do I download and install CleverClasses?
2 How do I make sure my microphone and speakers are working?
3 How I do I know if my firewall and microphone settings are set up correctly?
4 After I download, how do I start with the CleverClasses application?
5 I wanted to login but I still don’t have my username & password.
6 How do I book my classes?
7 How do I join a class?
8 What is a Connection Screen?
9 What is a "Splash Screen"?
10 There are words I find hard to understand during classes. How can I learn the words’ definition?
11 How to talk in the CleverClasses environment?
12 Aside from the Voice Chat, is there another way that I could participate in class or interact with my classmates?
13 What are the Text Chat features?
14 I want to give my teacher an instant feedback, what do I do?
15 How do I view my classmates’ profiles?
16 The teacher has passed me the microphone, but I couldn't hear anything. What do I do?
17 My teacher doesn't hear me even when the microphone is on. What do I do?
18 When I started CleverClasses up, I got an Error message saying something like "no audio device is available" or "Audio device in use". What do I do?
   CleverClasses and Firewalls

CleverClasses Account

1 What lessons does CleverClasses offers?
2 What are the levels of CleverClasses lessons?
3 What are the types of CleverClasses lessons?
4 How do I enroll in CleverClasses?
5 How long is CleverClasses' subscription period?
6 How many classes can I join during my subscription?
7 What is the 7-day free trial?
8 How do I cancel my free trial?
9 How do I find and book a class?
10 How many classes can I book?
11 How do I cancel/change a booking?
12 Can I book a class in advance if I am not yet enrolled in CleverClasses?
13 How do I access/change my profile?
14 How do I upload my photo?
15 How do I change my existing photo?
16 I wanted to join a class, but I couldn't.
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