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1.) What is CleverCourse™?
CleverCourse is a set of English courses that can be taken online. There are 2 course series to choose from - General English and Business English. The General English series offers 14 courses from Beginner to Advanced levels with 12 lessons per course. The Business English series offers 10 courses for different fields of Business with 12 lessons per course.

2.) How is online learning different from classroom instruction?
Online learning offers convenience and flexibility that you cannot always get in a traditional classroom setting. You can study in your own home or office, taking up your lessons anytime it suits you and regardless of where you are.

3.) What hardware do I need to be able to take the courses?
For you to hear the dialogues in each lesson, your computer should have a sound card and speakers or headphones attached.

4.) What Internet browser do I need for these courses?
Your computer will need to have Internet Explorer 6.0 or above. If you do not have this installed, you can download it at the Microsoft® website.

5.) Do I need any special software for these courses?
Your computer will need to have Macromedia® Flash® Player 7.0 or higher installed. Currently, we're having some problems with the latest version 9.0.124. We recommend that you install the previous version 9.0.47. You can download this version for free here .

6.) How long does it take to complete one lesson?
It’s up to you. You have the option to go slow or fast. You can repeat the lesson if you want, go fast-forward – just by clicking on the corresponding buttons in the lesson interface. An mp3 version of the lesson is also available for download.

7.) Should I follow a schedule in taking my lessons?
You should at most take one lesson per day. You cannot take more than one lesson a day, but if you miss a lesson, you can still take it together with the scheduled lesson on the following day.

8.) How do I know my level?
Test your English skills with our placement test. It will determine your proficiency level based on your results and recommend the course that suits you best. However, you can still choose to enroll in a course other than what we are recommending. Click on the following link if you want to test your English now: CleverCourse Test Your English

9.) Do I have to register to take a CleverCourse™ lesson?
Yes. Registering for a Cleverlearn account gives you access to our full range of learning tools and services. Registration is already part of the CleverCourse signup process.

10.) Can I see a sample of the lessons?
Yes, you can. Click on the following link to try our demo lesson:

11.) Once enrolled, where can I go to check my progress?
Login to your Cleverlearn account. Once logged in, click on the Your CleverCourse tab. This section shows the lessons you have already taken, your completion level, and lessons you have not taken yet.

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