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1.) Who and What is Cleverlearn®?

Cleverlearn is a pioneer in the rapidly growing Internet-based learning industry. Our primary focus is teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) at the speed and flexibility of online communication. We are reinventing the English learning process with the use of cutting-edge tools and the latest technology, thus providing products and services designed to give you a whole new English learning experience.

2.) What is EFL? Is it just a trend? What are its benefits?
The term EFL or English as a Foreign Language is used to refer to teaching English to people who do not speak English. Worldwide, English has become the major language of news and information, from science and technology, business and government - everything from pop culture and international travel to education and publishing. About two-thirds of scientists read operating instructions in English and three-quarters of the world’s correspondence are written in this language.

3.) Why focus on EFL?
Cleverlearn recognizes the growing need for English as the common language in the new global economy. Globalization has integrated the world markets to an unprecedented extent. Consider the emergence of a European Union, and Asia’s emerging role in the Western economy. Thus, a common language of understanding, adjustment, and assimilation is needed and found: English.

4.) What does Cleverlearn have to offer?
Cleverlearn offers innovative products and services for easy and efficient English learning. We have learning and translation tools that help you understand English words more easily. We also provide online English classes developed by skilled professionals who are native English speakers, and we are also opening English language centers throughout Asia. For more information on our learning and translation tools, visit our products page. For more details on our online English courses, visit our CleverCourse page.

5.) How do I register for a Cleverlearn account?
1. Enter your email address in the User Verification page and click on "Go!".
2. Enter your password in the Password Validation page and click on “Submit!”.
3. You will then be asked to enter your country and whether you want to classify your account as an individual or a company. You must also supply your complete name and mailing address thereafter.

6.) How do I ensure confidentiality of my information?
Cleverlearn has taken all steps possible to ensure that the information you send over the site is secure. The information you submit to us is treated with the utmost confidentiality. For more details, please view our Terms and Conditions.

7.) How can I be sure of the quality of your products and services?
All products and services are developed by skilled and highly trained individuals. Each product goes through a system that ensures its quality. Moreover, we are willing to work with you on how we can bring you the most satisfaction with regards to Cleverlearn products and services.

8.) Why didn’t I receive an activation email after I registered for a Cleverlearn account?
You may have entered an invalid email address. Please provide the correct email address when you register for a Cleverlearn account.

9.) Why can’t I log in to Cleverlearn?
You may have failed to activate the link provided in the activation email. Search in your inbox for the activation email sent by Cleverlearn, wherein you can find and click on the activation link. A confirmation page will be displayed when you have successfully activated your account.

If you happen to lose your activation email, you must enter your email and password on the Cleverlearn login page. You will then receive a message that gives you the option to create a new account or have the activation email sent to you again.

10.) Why do I need to activate my Cleverlearn account?
You need to activate your Cleverlearn account so that you will be able to use Cleverlearn products and services.

In case you have not received your activation email, please login to and a message will display where you could request for another activation email.

11.) What should I do if my question is not here?
If you have a question about Cleverlearn that is not answered in this FAQ, please refer to the About Us page or send us an e-mail here and we will send you an answer as soon as possible.

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