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1. How do I download and install CleverClasses?
First step is go to the CleverClasses homepage to download the CleverClasses application. To begin the CleverClasses download, click on the "Download Now!" button, and you will view an installation wizard that will guide you in your CleverClasses download.

Then, you will see a popup window welcoming you to the CleverClasses Student Installation Wizard. Click on "Next" to continue.

Please be patient while downloading CleverClasses; the download may take a few minutes. Once the download process is done, you will be prompted that you have successfully installed CleverClasses in your PC. Click on "Finish" to complete the downloading process.

When download is complete, CleverClasses will automatically open.

2. How do I make sure my microphone and speakers are working?
If it's your first time running the CleverClasses application, your audio setup will pop on your screen right after the completed download process.

To check if your microphone is functioning, click on the RECORD button. Test if your microphone works by recording your own voice. Click on the STOP button when you're done.

Click on the PLAY button to listen to your recording. If you are done testing your audio, click on STOP.

3. How do I know if my firewall and microphone settings are set up correctly?
Right-click on the CleverClasses icon in your task bar and click on Audio Set Up. Then click on the "Echo Client" button to test the Voice Chat service.

4. After I download, how do I start with the CleverClasses application?
Click on the Start button on your task bar and go to Programs to select CleverClasses. Click on CleverClasses to run the program.

5. I wanted to login but I still don't have my username and password.
Where do I get this information? This means you still haven't registered for an account on the CleverClasses homepage. Don't worry because there is a way for you to get signed up easily.

If you're still not a registered user, click on "Sign Up Here!" on the login box and you will be redirected to the registration page.

6. How do I book my classes?
Make sure that you already have booked a class on the CleverClasses homepage. If you haven’t booked a class yet, proceed to the CleverClasses homepage and book a class.

7. How do I join a class?
Once you have started the CleverClasses application on you computer, you will see the Start-Up Screen. To join a class, click on "Join Class Now" and your connection to the CleverClasses application will be established.

8. What is a Connection Screen?
The Connection Screen is displayed on your screen after you have clicked on the "Join Class Now" button. This indicates that the system is connecting to CleverClasses.

9. What is a "Splash Screen"?
A Splash Screen appears when you are about to join a New Discussion. You get to view the Splash Screen to see the progress when downloading your class materials.

10. There are words I find hard to understand during classes. How can I
    learn the words’ definition?
CleverClasses has a Dictionary tool that you can use whenever you want to find the definition of English words. You can find the Dictionary tool in your Language Tools section located at the lower right side of your screen.

11. How to talk in the CleverClasses environment?
Like in a physical classroom setup, you get to share your thoughts and call your teacher’s attention.

To do this, you need to initiate a Voice Chat with your teacher by clicking on the microphone icon on the control panel. This means that you are requesting for your turn to use the microphone. Your teacher may also give you the microphone when he or she feels the need to start a conversation with you.

Please take note that when you request for the microphone, another student might also be having a conversation with the teacher. In this case you will have to wait for your turn. Once your teacher is done talking to another student, the microphone will now be passed on to you.

Please also consider that there might be other students who will be requesting for a Voice Chat with the teacher. In this case, whoever requested for the microphone first shall be given the chance to speak to the teacher ahead of the others, who will have to wait for their respective turns.

12. Aside from the Voice Chat, is there another way that I could participate in
    class or interact with my classmates?
CleverClasses also has the Text Chat capability. To initiate a text chat with your classmate, click on the Text Chat icon found on your classmates’ Profile on the Participant’s Panel. This will open a separate window with the text chat box.

You can have a chat with as many participants in the discussion.

13. What are the Text Chat features?
With Text Chat, you have the option to choose fonts and use emoticon images. A tray notifier window will pop up on your screen whenever a new text chat is established, or when there is still no open text chat window conversation yet.

14. I want to give my teacher an instant feedback, what do I do?
Go to your control panel and click on the Instant Feedback icon. Instant Feedback is a feature that allows you to send instant feedback messages through the use of twenty (20) Emoticon images such as a smiling expression, baffled expression, etc.

15. How do I view my classmates' profiles?
To view your classmates’ profiles, go to the Participants Panel and click on the View Profile icon on the left side found under the student's photo.

16. The teacher has passed me the microphone, but I couldn't hear anything.
     What do I do?
The volume levels may be too low. Make sure that you have properly set the volume control found right above the Participants’ panel.

If the slider controls are on the far left side, it means that they are set in very minimal volume. That’s why you can't hear anything. Try moving the slider to the right to achieve the volume setting you prefer.

Also, make sure you have closed all other audio software, such as Windows Media Player or Real Player.

It could also be possible that the audio may be muted on your PC. Check to make sure your PC is not on mute mode.

Make sure also that your headset or speakers are properly connected to your computer.

17. My teacher doesn't hear me even when the microphone is on. What do I do?
Check if your microphone setting is set properly. The microphone icon is displayed on the upper right side of your screen, right above the volume setting.

Make sure you have closed all other audio software, such as Windows Media Player or Real Player.

If these don't work, it could be possible that the audio may be muted on your PC. Check to make sure your PC is not on mute mode.

Or maybe the headset or microphone you are using may have a mute switch. Check to make sure your headset is switched on.

Make sure your headset or speakers are connected to your computer correctly.

18. When I started CleverClasses up, I got an Error message saying something     like "no audio device is available" or "Audio device in use". What do I do?
Make sure you have closed all other audio software, such as Windows Media Player or Real Player.

If the warning message still appears, the sound card may be incompatible with CleverClasses. To function correctly, your sound card must be at least a Sound Blaster 16 compatible sound card or a better version.

CleverClasses and Firewalls
CleverClasses users may encounter problems connecting to the CleverClasses network. This might be because your computer is behind a firewall. CleverClasses requires an unrestricted incoming/outgoing TCP connection on port 80. If your connection failed, it is possible that your firewall is blocking these connection and you need to open up TCP port 80 in your firewall both for incoming and outgoing.

However, firewalls can restrict traffic in port 80 to HTTP protocol, and in this case CleverClasses cannot use it because CleverClasses does not operate on HTTP. Set the firewall to allow TCP and not just HTTP. With this, CleverClasses will work.

CleverClasses requires unrestricted outgoing TCP connections to some TCP ports. If you fail to connect to the CleverClasses network, it is possible that your firewall is blocking these connections and you need to open up some outgoing TCP connections. Remember that this is about outgoing connections, not incoming connections. It is important that you have a port range open or that you specify a port destination.

Here are some options for CleverClasses to work:

Outgoing TCP connections to all ports (1…65535) should be opened. With this there would be no problem running CleverClasses. This is necessary for your CleverClasses to be able to connect to the CleverClasses network and will not make your network any less secure. If this is not possible, open your outgoing TCP connections to port 443.

If that still doesn't work, you will nee to open up outgoing TCP connections to port 80. There are firewalls restricting traffic to port 80 to HTTP protocol, and in this case CleverClasses cannot use it because. CleverClasses does not use HTTP. In other firewalls it is possible to open up all traffic to port 80, not just HTTP. With this it is possible that CleverClasses will work.

If CleverClasses still won’t run, the CleverClasses application can use a HTTPS/SSL proxy. For this to be done, you have to configure the proxy address found in the Internet Explorer options. With this set-up, CleverClasses will be able to use the address as well.

Please use our problem reporting form to report in details all the instances when you experience a problem with CleverClasses and a firewall.

Learn how to set major firewalls to allow CleverClasses to run:

Windows XP SP2 Firewall
Norton Personal Firewall
Zone Alarm Pro
Mcafee Firewall Pro

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