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1.) What is the Clicktionary?
The Clicktionary is an innovative translation tool for your desktop PC. Equipped with an extensive glossary, it can translate words from English to more than 10 languages in just one mouse-click. It can also translate German words to English. More than just a translation tool, the Clicktionary is a comprehensive language learning application that helps build your English vocabulary. Words are stored into your Personal Vocabulary (PV) which you could play with in the Trainer games or see Word Reminder to have a more in-depth learning of the English word.

2.) Do I have to stay connected to the Internet to use the Clicktionary?
For translation purposes, you don't need to be online. But if you wish to synchronize your PV, you have to be connected to the Internet. Also, during startup, you need to be online for User Authentication if you are not already logged in.

3.) Is the Clicktionary for free?
A free version of the Clicktionary is available for download. However, if you want to access the complete features offered by Clicktionary and see no pop up banners, you must purchase the Premium version, which is available for a minimal annual subscription fee.

4.) How do I download and install Clicktionary on my computer?
To download and install the Clicktionary, simply follow these steps:

1. Go to the Clicktionary download page by clicking here.

2. Choose among the installers available and click the download button.

3. Once the download is complete, double-click on the downloaded file. This will automatically start the installation process.

Once finished, the Clicktionary icon will appear in your system tray (on the bottom right corner of your screen). Double-click on the icon to open Clicktionary.

Please login with a Cleverlearn registered email so you can start using the Clicktionary. Click here to register.

5.) What are the minimum requirements needed to run Clicktionary?
The Clicktionary works on Windows 98 or higher. You should have at least 20MB free on your hard drive before downloading this software. Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher is also required. Flash player is also recommended.

6.) Does the Clicktionary work with other platforms?
As of now, the Clicktionary only works with Microsoft Windows®.

7.) How can I translate words with the Clicktionary?
Simply right-click on the word you want to translate (depending on your translation settings). The translation instantly pops up in its own wind

You can also use the manual translation bar. Click on the Clicktionary icon on the upper right of your screen, and the translation bar appears. Just type the word you want to translate and then click GO.

8.) Do I need to login to use my Clicktionary?
No, you can still translate but only using the default English-target language dictionary that came with the installer. However, it is strongly recommended that you login to use your other additional dictionaries purchased or downloaded and other features such as Personal Vocabulary, Glossary, and Trainer games.

9.) Can the Clicktionary translate full documents or whole web pages?
The Clicktionary translates words and not sentences or entire paragraphs.

10.) How do I login to my Clicktionary?
Right-click on the Clicktionary icon in your system tray and select Login. Enter your Cleverlearn registered email address and password. If you do not have a Cleverlearn account yet, click on Create Account. Your password will be sent to the email address specified. Once you have typed in your email address and password, click Login.

11.) Why can�t I log in to Cleverlearn?
You may have failed to activate the link provided in the activation email. Search in your inbox for the activation email sent by Cleverlearn, wherein you can find and click on the activation link. A confirmation page will be displayed when you have successfully activated your account.

12.) Why do I need to activate my Cleverlearn account?
You need to activate your Cleverlearn account so that you will be able to use Cleverlearn products and services.

In case you have not received your activation email, please login to and a message will display where you could request for another activation email.

13.) I am using a proxy server but when I try to login but it says "No internet connection". What should I do?
The Clicktionary works best with Microsoft Word 2000, Notepad, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Outlook.

a) Go to your Clicktionary main menu. Under Users, click on Settings.

b) In Proxy Settings, check the option "I use a proxy server".

c) Enter the server name and the server port.

d) Enter the username and password used to access the proxy server.

e) Click Test Connection button. If all information entered is valid, a message "Proxy setting configuration successful" will appear. If not, a message will appear saying "Proxy setting configuration unsuccessful".

f) If proxy setting configuraion is successful, click on the Apply button.

g) Go the Clicktionary main menu. Under Users, click on Login and enter your activated Cleverlearn account and password.

If you still cannot log in, the problem could be due to your firewall. Please contact your network administrator for assistance. Be advised that Clicktionary has opened only ports 80 and 8080. Should you encounter the same connection problem, contact us at and state which proxy you are using.

14.) What is the Personal Vocabulary?
The Personal Vocabulary or PV is like your own online "notebook" where all important words you want to review are stored. This PV can be accessed anytime using any computer with Internet connection. Cleverlearn's tools and services use the PV in their respective applications, storing every word you learn into one big vocabulary warehouse.

15.) What is Synchronization? How do I synchronize?
When you synchronize, the words in your PV are copied into the Cleverlearn server. Synchronization makes it easier for you to review your words using any computer that has Internet connection. They are stored - just like the way you write down lessons in your notebook at school - giving you a handy reference that you can access online, through Clicktionary, or using our other tools and services.

For instance, when you travel or use a computer without a Clicktionary installed, you can still check the words in your PV under Your Vocabulary section in Cleverlearn Website. Synchronization allows you access to your updated list of PV words.

To synchronize your Clicktionary, go to the PV area. Click on the Synchronize button at the bottom of the window. You can also right-click on the Clicktionary icon in your system tray and choose Synchronize from the menu. You need to be online in order for the synchronization to work.

16.) Do I need to be online to Synchronize?
Yes, because your local Personal Vocabulary will communicate with your Personal Vocabulary on the web. This ensures that in both your Clicktionary and web Personal Vocabulary are always updated and identical.

17.) How can I download additional dictionaries?
Go to your Dictionary Manager and see a list of available dictionaries you can add.

18.) Are there dictionaries downloadable for free?
Yes, the free dictionaries are downloadable at no cost. Click here to see all free downloadable dictionaries. Make sure that you have the Clicktionary application so you can use the dicitonary you have downloaded.

You can also try premium dictionaries for a limited period of time at no cost. See Premium Dictionaries.

19.) What are Premium dictionaries?
These are dictionaries from world leading dictionary providers. You can purchase annual or lifetime licenses of these Premium dictionaries and translate through Clicktionary.

20.) Is there a free trial for the premium dictionaries?
Yes, you can try the premium dictionaries for free for 30 days. Click here to see premium dictionaries available.

21.) How can I purchase Premium dictionaries?
Go to the Dictionary Manager in your Clicktionary and click on Add Dictionaries. You can also click here to see the list and purchase any Premium dictionaries available.

22.) Where can I download the dictionary I have purchased?
Make sure you are online and logged in then go to the dictionary catalog page. Click on the Download button beside the dictionary you have previously purchased.

23.) How do I activate my premium dictionary purchased?
Go to your Dictionary Manager and select the dictionary which you have purchased and installed. You have a grace period of 10 days wherein you can use the premium dictionary purchased without activating it. After 10 days since day of purchase, you are required to activate your dictionary. Select the dictionary in your Dictionary Manager list and click on the Activate button.

24.) My premium dicitonary has expired. How do I extend its license?
Click here to go to the Dictionary Catalog page to extend your dictionary license.

25.) What should I do if my question is not here?
If you have a question about Cleverlearn that is not answered in this FAQ, please refer to the Contact Us page or send us an e-mail here and we will send you an answer as soon as possible.

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