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1. What is the CleverTrainer™?
The CleverTrainer is a downloadable PDA-based application that enhances your English proficiency through self-tests that will challenge your vocabulary skills. It’s learning at your convenience with a mobile vocabulary that you can take with you wherever you go, whenever you want.

2. How does the CleverTrainer™ test my English skills?
The CleverTrainer, once synchronized with your Personal Vocabulary or PV, gives you a multiple choice or objective type of test. A word and its definition are given and you are to choose its right translation. CleverTrainer then rates if your answers are wrong or correct.

3. How much does CleverTrainer™ cost?
CleverTrainer is absolutely FREE! Download a copy now for your Palm or PocketPC at

4. How do I install the CleverTrainer™ on my PDA?
CleverTrainer is distributed for free! Download CleverTrainer at its website ( or go to our Products page. Choose the right platform of your PDA and be sure your it is connected to your computer. Setup will guide you through the installation.

5. What system requirements do I need when installing the CleverTrainer™?
CleverTrainer requires the following system requirements.
   • Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, or XP
   • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higer

   • Palm™ Desktop Software
   • Palm OS® 4.1 or higher

   • Microsoft® ActiveSync® 3.5 or higher
   • PocketPC 2000 or higher

   • Latest version of Clicktionary®
   • CleverTrainer™ Desktop Tool

6. Is the CleverTrainer™ available only for Palm OS®?
CleverTrainer is available for Palm and PocketPC. Both platforms are packed with the same features and enable users to synchronize both their online PV and their Clicktionary® PV.

7. Can I download the CleverTrainer™ without the Clicktionary®?
Yes, you can. If you do not have the Clicktionary installed in your computer, you can still synchronize your CleverTrainer with your online PV.

8. Do I need to register before I can use the CleverTrainer™?
For CleverTrainer to be a more efficient testing tool and to enhance personalize learning experience, we recommend users to have a Cleverlearn® account. If you do not want to have a Cleverlearn account at the moment, you can start using the preloaded words. However, you must have a Cleverlearn account to synchronize CleverTrainer with your PV.

9. What happens if I choose to skip the User Profile?
If you skip entering your user profile, you will not enjoy the full benefits of CleverTrainer™. You cannot synchronize your CleverTrainer with your PV and can only test your English translation proficiency with its preloaded word. You must have a Cleverlearn® account to enjoy the full benefits and to be able to synchronize CleverTrainer with your PV.

10. How come User Profile keeps on displaying every time I start CleverTrainer™?
CleverTrainer needs a valid email associated with an existing Cleverlearn® account to synchronize CleverTrainer and your PV. You may suspend this reminder for three days by checking “Remind me after three days” and start trying your English translation proficiency with the preloaded words. After which, you will be reminded again to enter a valid email.

11. I now have a Cleverlearn® account. How do I enter my user profile?
Now that you have a Cleverlearn account, you can now synchronize you CleverTrainer™ with your PV! On the main screen, tap on the Options menu, Synch Settings, and enter the necessary information. Verify the dictionary and synchronization method. Once you are ready, tap on synchronize to initiate synchronization otherwise you can tap close to synchronize at a later time.

12. How come I keep on receiving error messages on the User Profile screen?
This is due to a number of reasons. First, it is possible that the email address you have entered may not be associated with an existing Cleverlearn® account. Second, you may have entered the wrong email address or password. Email address and password are case sensitive so be sure you type it correctly. Third, CleverTrainer™ may be experiencing some problems connecting to our server and verifying the information you have entered.

13. What should I do if I forget my password?
In the event you lose your password, just visit Cleverlearn®’s password recovery service at Password Recovery

14. How do I synchronize the Personal Vocabulary of my CleverTrainer™ with the Clicktionary®?
Make sure your PDA is connected to your computer. Verify all information you entered on CleverTrainer. Synchronization settings should be correct and Clicktionary must be selected. Finally, tap on the synchronize button.

15. How do I synchronize the Personal Vocabulary of my CleverTrainer™ with my online PV?
Be sure your PDA device is connected to a computer with an internet connection. Verify that all the information you supplied on CleverTrainer synchronization settings are correct. Finally, tap on the synchronize button to initiate synchronization between CleverTrainer and your online PV.

16. What is CleverTrainer™ Preloaded data?
Preloaded data are words incorporated into CleverTrainer to allow users who do not have a Cleverlearn® account to enjoy and start using the testing software.

17. Can I add words to my PV using CleverTrainer™?
No, you cannot add words to your PV using CleverTrainer. CleverTrainer is a testing software that measures your proficiency in English translation. You can add words to your PV by enrolling in CleverCourse™ and using Clicktionary®.

18. How do I add more words to my PV?
You can add words and build up your PV by enrolling in our online English courses at CleverCourse™ and using Clicktionary®.

19. How come some words were added to my PV?
You must have added some words to your PV from Clicktionary® or CleverCourse™.

20. How come some words were removed from my PV?
Words marked as “Learned” or “I know this already” are removed from your PV.

21. How will the CleverTrainer™ test me?
The test feature of the CleverTrainer was designed to give you an objective type of test. For every word on test, you are presented with 4 word translations to choose from. There is only one correct answer from the 4 choices. The word on test and its 4 possible choices are randomly selected by the application. After the test, the application will present you the test results—the number of words tested, the number of correct answers and the number of incorrect answers.

22. Does the CleverTrainer™ offer other languages other than English?
CleverTrainer only supports English-Vietnamese, English-Simplified Chinese, English-Korean, English-German, and German-English.

23. What is the CleverTrainer™ website address?
To know more about CleverTrainer and its features, go to

24. How can I get more information and support for CleverTrainer™?
For more information and support for your CleverTrainer, email us at

Did not find your question? Email us at and we will be happy to answer it!

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