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1.) What is the Word Reminder™?
The Word Reminder is a tool, which supplies you with the translation of a word together with its definition and usage for a better understanding of the word’s meaning. It comes with a visual representation to help make the words even easier to comprehend.

2.) How can I get of the Word Reminder?
You can get the Word Reminder by either purchasing any of Cleverlearn®’s packages or by enrolling in CleverCourse™.

3.) Where can I view my Word Reminder?
You can view your Word Reminder through your online Cleverlearn account. Just login to your account and your Word Reminder will pop-up.

Build up your Personal Vocabulary by adding words you want to learn.

4.) How do I build my Personal Vocabulary?
You can add content to your Personal Vocabulary through any of the following methods:
1- By synchronizing your Clicktionary® Personal Vocabulary
2- By using our online translation tool at
3- By using the Your Translation tab at your Cleverlearn account portal.

5.) How do I establish my Personal Vocabulary in the Clicktionary?
You can establish your Personal Vocabulary in the Clicktionary by following these steps:
1- Start translating with the Clicktionary
2- Store your translations in your Personal Vocabulary using the “Learn” button in your Clicktionary
3- Synchronize your Personal Vocabulary by clicking the “Synchronize” button of your Clicktionary.

6.) Why can’t I receive the Word Reminder?
The words in your Personal Vocabulary may not be supported by our database at this time. We are continuously building up our database to provide you with more Word Reminders.

7.) Why can’t I view the Word Reminder even though I have a Cleverlearn account?
The Personal Vocabulary of your Cleverlearn account may not have content that is supported by our database. Keep on adding new words to your Personal Vocabulary to view the Word Reminder.

8.) What is the “I Know” selection for?
You can click on the “I Know” selection when you have learned the word. Once you click on the “I Know”, that specific Word Reminder will not show up again. The word will also be removed from your Personal Vocabulary.

9.) What is the “Remind Me” selection for?
You can click on the selection to set how many times in a week you want to receive your Word Reminder. You can set your Word Reminder to as often as everyday or to only once a week.

10.) Where can I find the translation of the “Usage” function?
To view the translation of the sentence usage, just mouse over the “DEUSTCHE”, "Chinese" and "Vietnamese" button and the translation will show right below the English translation.

11.) Can I still view my previous Word Reminders?
Yes, you can. Once you see the Word Reminder pop-up, you can click on the “PREVIOUS” button to review your old words. You can also view your new words by clicking on the “NEXT” button. So, the more words you put into your Personal Vocabulary, the more Word Reminders you get.

12.) Which Internet browser does the Word Reminder work with best?
The Word Reminder works best with IE5.5 (Internet Explorer 5.5) or a higher version.

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