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Movielearn- Learn English with moviesMovielearn - Learn English with movies

Movielearn System Requirements
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  Experience the power of learning English Through movies

Movielearn teaches you English through movies by exposing you to everyday conversational English not necessarily offered with traditional teaching methods. Movielearn provides user-friendly English learning tools for watching DVD movies on your computer, making learning not only fun, dynamic and interactive, but allowing you to personalize your learning. By just pressing certain keys on your computer, you pause the movie and are taken into a sophisticated learning interface which explains the English spoken in the movie.

Infusing entertainment into a personalized learning experience, Movielearn allows you to watch a movie at your own pace in the comforts of wherever you may be, while giving you options to learn English with innovative learning tools. Movielearn will help you:

  • Sharpen your listening and speaking ability.
  • Enhance your English vocabulary.
  • Increase your knowledge of English idioms, slang and their usage.
  • Improve your reading comprehension skills.

Movielearn: Learn English with movies.

Movielearn Features

Keywords Panel
Displays the selected English subtitle with audio, translation into the native language, keywords from the subtitle with English definition or contextual explanation alongside graphic illustration.
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  Keywords Panel
Personal Learning Panel
Displays all the (Key)Words selected for personal learning from the movie, and can add and delete as you learn. To reinforce English learning, users can benefit from ESL (English as Second Language) tools from our affiliated e-learning company Cleverlearn; you can subscribe to a free account emailing a daily Word Reminder of selected (Key)Words and create your own Personal Vocabulary account to store words learned from the movie.
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  Personal Learning Panel

Translation Panel
Provides translation from English into the native language for each word of the selected subtitle, as well as the English audio.
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  Translation Panel
Movie Navigation Menu
Allows the user to navigate to specific parts of the movie: the user simply presses the up or down arrow key on the computer when watching the movie, and the Menu will pop up allowing specific chapters, scenes or lines to be selected with the aid of the movie's thumbnail images and script.Learn more
Movie Navigation Menu
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