May 2003 The Official Cleverlearn Newsletter Vol. 1 Issue # 2 
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The CleverTrainer™: Training you as you go
The CleverHandy™: Your English Buddy
Update your Personal Vocabulary!
Word Reminder®: English at your service!
Language Learning Platform: Beating the Homophone Challenge
Ask Prof. Clever

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Cleverlearn® introduces the CleverTrainer™, a robust testing facility that complements your Clicktionary® Version 2.9 and online Cleverlearn account in promoting the building up of your Personal Vocabulary. The CleverTrainer is a PDA-based application that enhances your English proficiency through self-tests that will challenge your vocabulary skills. It’s learning at your convenience with a mobile vocabulary that you can take with you wherever you go, whenever you want.

By simply synchronizing your CleverTrainer with your Clicktionary Version 2.9, your vocabulary base is automatically set up and updated. Take your vocabulary with you wherever you go and expand your English vocabulary through the CleverTrainer.

With CleverTrainer, the next step on mobile learning is at the palm of your hands.



The CleverHandy™; is the newest addition to Cleverlearn®’s ever-growing suite of English learning services which allows you to get instant translations via your mobile phone. All you have to do is send the word that you want translated to our Handy number, +49 162 3793437, and you receive your translation instantly via SMS!

Soon, you can register your mobile number to your account and your translated words will automatically be stored in your
Cleverlearn account. You can login to your Cleverlearn and go to the My Suggested Words link under My Vocabulary. You will have a choice of either keeping all your CleverHandy-translated words in this page or you can add these words to your Personalv Vocabulary. That’s mobile learning at its best!

Experience the freedom of learning on the go with the CleverHandy!


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  Update your Personal Vocabulary!


Have you updated your Personal Vocabulary yet?

The Personal Vocabulary or PV, an ingenious vocabulary enhancement feature in all Cleverlearn® services, allows you to store words you want to study repetitively to facilitate easy retention and learning.
Updating your Personal Vocabulary in your Clicktionary® Version 2.9 with your online Cleverlearn account PV will enable you to customize your vocabulary of English words and allow you to learn them whenever and wherever you might be. The good news does not stop there. Update your PDA-based CleverTrainer with your Clicktionary Version 2.9 and get an updated vocabulary base that will allow you to test your vocabulary while on the go.

Update your Personal Vocabulary now and experience a whole new world of English learning!

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To further add spice to your English learning experience, Cleverlearn® will soon be coming out with the Word Reminder™. The Word Reminder is a new service that will be offered to all Clicktionary® Version 2.9 subscribers who have been updating their Personal Vocabulary (PV). You will get an email linking you to a reminder of words you have added to your PV. This cool service will include the definition, translation and usage of the words, along with an illustration for better comprehension.

Watch for it!


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  English Matters


Queue and Cue are some of the many homophones in the English language. Homophones are words that sound alike but have different spellings and meanings. As a result, these words are often interchangeably used in writing.

Queue (ky) - n. A line of waiting people or vehicles.
  v. To get in line.

As a noun...
The actor’s fans don’t mind the unending queue at the premiere.
As a verb...
We queue up at the ticket counter patiently.


Cue (ky) - n. A hint or suggestion.

The violinist waited for the conductor’s cue before playing her piece.



Queue or Cue?
Write your answers on
the spaces provided below.

The audience has to wait for the supervisor’s before they can up at the box office.





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Dear Professor Clever,

Hello. I have installed the Clicktionary® Version 2.9 on my PC and I am able to translate from English to German. Is it possible to download and install the German to English dictionary as well? Thank you.
                                                                                     - Richard Hühnerstein, Marburg

Hi Richard,

Thank you for installing the FREE Version of
Clicktionary Version 2.9. Yes, you can download and install the English to German, English to Vietnamese and English to Chinese dictionaries. However, you need to upgrade to the Clicktionary Version 2.9 . Just click on the PURCHASE button in the registration box of your FREE Version or you can download the Clicktionary Version 2.9 from our website at The Clicktionary Version 2.9 costs only $19.95. Enjoy the Clicktionary Version 2.9 Richard and feel free to write us again should you need further assistance.



Dear Professor Clever,

I would like to purchase a License but I do not want to give my credit card number or allow payment through the bank. Can you offer me an alternative (invoice/pay on delivery)?

- Herbert Baumgarten, Heidelberg

Hello Herbert,

We have other payment options aside from paying through the bank or through credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). You can actually purchase any of our Cleverlearn
® products through wire payment and invoice. If you decide to purchase through wire payment, we will send details of our Germany Account to guide you. If you wish to pay through invoice, we will require you to give us personal information like your email address and fax number. Our Billing staff will then email or fax you the invoice together with the license key. Should you need further assistance, please feel free to email us at and we will be more than willing to assist you. Thanks and enjoy our products

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