February 2005     Volume 3, Issue No. 1

Cleverlearn Joins 13th Learntec Exhibition in Germany

Cleverlearn Ltd. announced its participation as an exhibitor at the 13th European Conference and Specialist Trade Fair for Educational and Information Technology (LEARNTEC 2005) set to happen from February 15 to 18, 2005, in Karlsruhe Kongresszentrum, Germany.

The trade fair will be attended by educational planners, training officers and major decision-makers from the corporate, academe, politics, public administration, industry and the trade and craft sectors. The fair's targeted audience also includes users of educational technology, multimedia and e-learning in the educational sector (e.g. in industry and universities).

Cleverlearn's participation in this major event in the e-learning industry will bring a new concept in mobile learning that maximizes the use of modern (electronic and communications) technology. The CleverTrainer™ and CleverHandy™ are two products from Cleverlearn that concretize this concept.

“Cleverlearn sets the trend in mobile learning, rapid electronic learning and knowledge management,” says Heinrich Pletschacher, Cleverlearn's country manager for Europe. “The organizers of the Karlsruhe trade fair are sure that Cleverlearn and its products will add an attractive contour to the 13th Learntec Exhibition 2005.”

He continues, “Cleverlearn aims to show, that learning doesn't end when school finishes, or when one finds employment, but rather emphasizes “a lifetime of learning,” shedding the traditional methods of further education and opening new horizons for technological learning perspectives. In an increasingly mobile society, where articulated communication is necessary, nobody can do without mobile learning.”

The trade fair's conference sessions will delve on the focal topics of business integration, didactics, and technology. Updates and pertinent information on these topics will be discussed.

Trade fair participants can test their knowledge thoroughly through these workshops: e-learning for Beginners, medium-sized businesses, and trainers' symposium.

Product Updates
    Cleverlearn Launches New Version of Clicktionary®
    Cleverlearn's TOEIC Preparation Set for Launch
Country News
    Cleverlearn Opens New Learning Center in China
    Local Education Bureau in China Taps Cleverlearn as English Training Partner
    Cleverlearn Introduces Program Targeted at Korean Business Sector
    Vietnam School Reports Successful First Year of Operations
Ask Prof. Clever
    When to use “bring” and “take”
Letter to Prof. Clever
    Learning English through SMS or Text Messaging

Cleverlearn Launches New Version of Clicktionary®

Cleverlearn® Ltd. launched recently a new and upgraded version of the Clicktionary®.

Clicktionary, Cleverlearn’s flagship product, is a dictionary software that translates words from English to German, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese.

“This product upgrade is part of the company’s thrust of developing a more powerful translation tool for users learning or improving their English language skills,” says Tobias Koenig, Cleverlearn's product development head. “By adding new features to this service, users can now play games to make English learning a more enjoyable experience.”

Clicktionary 3.0 allows users to do, among others, the following:

Download more than one dictionary (English-German, English-Chinese, English-Vietnamese    and    English-Korean dictionaries to choose from);
Synchronize Personal Vocabulary with CleverTrainer 3.0 New;
Synchronize Personal Vocabulary with CleverCourse Enhanced glossary;
Store translated words in your Personal Vocabulary;
Use Word Reminder for in-depth English learning;
Play CleverGames such as Cleverman, Who Wants To Be Clever, and Flip Cards.

“We are also now looking into enabling Clicktionary to support specialized dictionaries for specific topics as well,” Mr. Koenig adds.

Other new features introduced in the new version are the Manual Translation Bar, Auto-synchronization, and Multiple User Access. For more information on the new version of Clicktionary, visit www.cleverlearn.com/en/clicktionary.jsp.

Cleverlearn's TOEIC Preparation Set for Launch

In line with its thrust of providing the market a comprehensive, integrated and holistic English language learning experience, Cleverlearn Ltd. is launching a new product called Cleverlearn's TOEIC Preparation.

TOEIC®, which stands for Test of English for International Communication, is an English language proficiency test used to measure the ability of non-native English-speakers. The test measures the learners' English comprehension, speaking, writing and reading skills in an international environment. The scores indicate how well people can communicate in English with others in business, commerce and industry.

For more than 25 years TOEIC has been used to measure the ability of nonnative English-speaking people to use English in everyday work activities. With more than 3 million test takers per year, the TOEIC test is the standard for workplace English language proficiency worldwide.

Cleverlearn's TOEIC Preparation (CL TOEIC) is designed and developed to allow learners of English to prepare and practice for the TOEIC test. This practice test is a web-based TOEIC exam preparation tool, accessible to anyone with Internet connection anytime, anywhere. In addition, CL TOEIC Preparation is a simulation of the TOEIC test given out to learners, consisting of about 2,000 of both Listening and Reading questions.

Cleverlearn Opens New Learning Center in China

To bring its services closer and make it more accessible to students in the Futian and Luohu districts, Cleverlearn Ltd. officially opened in December last year its new learning center at the Electronic Scientific and Technological Mansion of Hua Qiang Bei in Shenzhen.

The center, with its interior designed for practical use, comfort, and pleasure, covers a total of 1,500 square meters of floor space.

To make its services more “individualized” to students, the center offers training consultant and learning adviser. Students can now get individualized advisory service, studying plans and personal coach upon enrollment.

"We will change Cleverlearn into an ideal learning environment and offer students a new and more personalized English learning experience," said Long YueLin, the center's general manager.

Cleverlearn has been chosen by Sina Web as one of the ten major foreign language education brands. It has also been appointed by the Nanshan District Education Bureau as primary and middle school English teachers' base because of its experience in training work and high quality learning tools.

To know more about Cleverlearn in China, go to http://www.cleverlearn.com/zh/index.jsp.


Local Education Bureau in China Taps Cleverlearn as English Training Partner

The Nanshan District Education Bureau in China has chosen Cleverlearn to be its partner in English training for teachers. The training is considered as the most important reform proposed by the Ministry of Education to raise the standard of English teaching.

By integrating high technology learning tools and modern classroom learning, Cleverlearn Language Center provides intensive English teaching skills training in three aspects:

i) English speaking,
ii) learning English as a medium of cross-cultural communication, and
iii) experiential English teaching and training methods.

The center has just finished providing training for more than 700 kindergarten, middle, and primary school teachers in Nanshan district. Now, it also offers one-month training for teachers who want to teach abroad.



Cleverlearn Introduces Program Targeted at Korean Business Sector

Cleverlearn has introduced a new English learning program targeted at the Korean business sector. Called Cleverlearn Business Presentation Professional Course, this program is primarily designed for business professionals who want to learn advanced English speaking skills, presentation planning skills, and public speaking skills through Cleverlearn’s integrated technology-based learning tools.

To kick off this program and seed-test it for the Korean market, Cleverlearn in Korea entered into a partnership with the Federation of Korean Information Industries (FKII).

FKII is a national non-profit organization involved in the promotion of informational technologies. FKII currently has 170 member companies which include Korea's leading hardware, software, telecommunications and end-user companies, as well as research institutes and industrial associations.

Under this project, Cleverlearn started on November 13, 2004 its business presentation classes for the FKII members for free. Another premium class commenced on January 22, 2005 at the FKII office.

“These FKII members have broad knowledge of their work, but they lack the ability to convey their knowledge in the English language effectively, since they conduct IT-related job training for major corporations in Korea,” says Lee Seoung, Cleverlearn’s country manager for Korea. “Thus, we launched this program aimed at helping them improve their English language skills, especially when making their business presentations.”

With the initial success of the program, Cleverlearn is confident that this will capture a niche market in the Korean business sector. “Through FKII and several potential sales agencies, we are planning to sell this program to other business and academic organizations, and sell CleverCourse in a bundle,” Miss Lee concludes.

The program rate is 800,000 KRW (US$750) and covers 6 class and workshop (optional) sessions for 3 hours a day, inclusive of a 6-month CleverCourse subscription. For more information on this program, please visit http://www.cleverlearn.com/ko/index.jsp.

Vietnam School Reports Successful First Year of Operations

Cleverlearn reports the successful first year of operations of its English Language Center in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC).

Formally opened in November 2003, the school is now considered as one of the top English Schools despite the presence of over 400 similar schools in the city. With its own 11-story building, it boasts of excellent learning facilities, and modern amenities.

The HCMC Learning Center has 30 full-time and part-time faculty members to serve a student population of over 500 students. It has a core curriculum of General English, Business English, CleverKids (7-12 yrs. old), and CleverTeens (for teenagers).

These courses are supplemented by special classes targeted at fast growing niches of the Vietnamese English Language markets.

The learning center transitioned itself from offering short-term courses (6-week courses) to full-term courses (4-month courses) in November last year. More innovations are now in the pipeline for 2005 to better serve its market.


When to use “bring” and “take”

It may be confusing to people when to use “bring” or “take” in a sentence. Although both can be interchangeable, other would prefer to observe a distinction between the two.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language (4th Edition) says, “In most dialects of American English bring is used to denote motion toward the place of speaking or the place from which the action is regarded…[while] take is used to denote motion away from such a place.”


           She always brings her bag to the office.
            This is to emphasize movement in the direction of the destination.

           Please take your paperwork home.
            This is to emphasize movement away from the starting point.

However, it is pointed out, “When the relevant point of focus is not the place of speaking itself, the difference obviously depends on the context…[and usage of either take or bring] bears no particular stigma of incorrectness or illiteracy.”


Learning English through SMS or Text Messaging

Hi Prof. Clever,

Xing Rhou
Hong Kong

Cleverlearn now provides upwardly mobile professionals like you an avenue to learn English despite the hectic schedules. CleverHandy is a mobile phone-based English learning tool that lets users develop their English language skills through SMS or text messaging technology.

It’s very easy and convenient to use for students and professionals alike because they can learn English anytime, and anywhere they want to. With CleverHandy, you can easily do the following:

Receive (through your mobile phone) translations of English words to German, Vietnamese     and Chinese
 Prepare for the TOEIC exams; and
 Build your English vocabulary.

CleverHandy currently supports these 3 languages: German, Vietnamese and Chinese.

For more information on CleverHandy, please click here.


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