July 2003 The Official Cleverlearn® Newsletter Vol. 1 Issue # 3 
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The Word Reminder™: For your English-learning pleasure!
Manage your Cleverlearn® Account: For a More Comprehensive learning experience!
The CleverTrainer™ for Pocket PC: More Mobile Than Ever!
English as a Foreign Language
Language Learning Platform: Must Not or Don't Have To?
Ask Prof. Clever

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Cleverlearn® spices up your English learning experience with the Word Reminder – a new online service that enhances your English vocabulary.

Learn more than mere translations! With the Word Reminder,
you are provided with the definition and usage along with visual representation for a more enjoyable online learning encounter.

The Personal Vocabulary is an ingenious vocabulary enhancement feature of all Cleverlearn products. It allows you to store words you really want to learn and through repetition helps you achieve more efficient learning.

To start enjoying the Word Reminder, you should establish your Personal Vocabulary. Update it constantly with words that you want to learn and remember. The more words you add to your Personal Vocabulary,
the more words you will have in your Word Reminder.

Enjoy learning English the easy way. Try the Word Reminder today.



Your Cleverlearn® account portal has a new look!

It is now more convenient than ever. By providing you with your very own My Personal Vocabulary (PV) area, Cleverlearn enables you to store English vocabulary that you can view anytime. It’s all about learning English at your own pace.

In addition, your
Cleverlearn account portal now supports yourCleverHandy™ translations by storing the translations in the Suggested Words page. You can add these translated words to your Personal Vocabulary.

It is also equipped with the Word Reminder
, Cleverlearn's newest service. Now you can enhance your English vocabulary and visual representations make it even easier.

The new site also lets you get instant translation. Use the My Translation area and edit your account information on the My Profile page. You can even set your preferences for your Personal Vocabulary and Word Reminder.

Your Cleverlearn account portal is now more manageable and user-friendly than ever. More features, more functionalities, more fun when it comes to learning English! Welcome to a better learning experience.

Log-in to your Cleverlearn account now!


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The CleverTrainer is now available for Pocket PC!

Now you can expand your English proficiency with Cleverlearn®’s latest addition to its suite of products.

The CleverTrainer for Pocket PC is a testing tool that will enhance your vocabulary skills. It features the same functions as that of the Palm OS® version but is made even more user-friendly with its multiple-choice type of testing. Like the Palm OS® version, you can also synchronize your CleverTrainer with the Clicktionary® Version 2.9 by using Microsoft®’s ActiveSync desktop application.

The CleverTrainer for Pocket PC is definitely English-learning at its best!

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English is the one foreign language that has become essential in our modern global village. Being able to speak the English language allows you to be understood anywhere in the world.

English has become the major language of international business and information, science and technology, education and publishing. About two-thirds of scientists read operating instructions in English. Approximately, three-quarters of the world’s correspondence is written in this international language.

Most global IT operations use English to communicate. Computer technology, with its specific technical jargon, is one of the driving forces that has made English the universal language of modern business.

Knowing more than one language is a big advantage in the corporate world, especially if you’re dealing with people of different nationalities. CEOs who are native speakers of Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew or Japanese are running U.S. companies today. They also speak English, of course.

Speaking the language of both your competitor and your colleagues can definitely bring great business benefits. It is never too late to start learning English.

Who knows, it just might give you that nudge up the corporate ladder.

COMPUTERWORLD; www.cleverlearn.com


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  English Matters


Must Not or Don't Have To?

and Have To

The modal verbs must and have to are used the same way in the positive sense.

You must leave and you have to leave have the same meaning.

However, when used in the negative, must not and don’t have to have different meanings.

Must not refers to something that is forbidden. Don’t have to refers to a choice to do what you want.

You must not tip the waiters at Garden Restaurant.
Their managers do not allow tipping.
Tipping is forbidden.

You don’t have to tip the waiters at the Terrace Restaurant.
But you may leave a tip if you want to.
Tipping is allowed.



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Dear Professor Clever,

I just downloaded the
CleverTrainer but I wasn’t able to successfully install it because it was cancelled by the installation wizard. This message appeared on my computer screen: “Unable to find installed HOTSYNC.EXE application. Aborting Installation.” Please advise. I am very interested in using the CleverTrainer.

                                                                            - Frank Elsner (Muenchen, Germany)

Hello Frank,

CleverTrainer is an application for your hand-held or PDA (Palm). After downloading the Clicktionary® Version 2.9 from our website www.cleverlearn.com, please check if you have plugged in your hand-held cradle and have installed the HotSync® application already.

The HotSync®
application and the cradle allows you to synchronize your Personal Vocabulary with the Clicktionary Version 2.9 and the CleverTrainer. Normally, the HotSync® software is already included when you buy your hand-held.

Thanks Frank and enjoy the



Dear Professor Clever,

I can’t login at
my Cleverlearn account. Please help me because I do a lot of business travelling and I really enjoy the convenience of having access to my Personal Vocabulary wherever I may be around the world. Thank you in advance.

                                                                          - Hildegard Bauer (Prenzlau, Germany)

Hello Hildegard,

After you have downloaded the
Clicktionary® Version 2.9, you will receive a confirmation email with important information such as your password to log in at your Cleverlearn account. Your Cleverlearn account will enable you to build up your Personal Vocabulary. The PV stores difficult English words that you want to learn and allows you to synchronize all the contents with your Clicktionary Version 2.9 once you are online. If you can no longer find your Login information, you can retrieve it at your Cleverlearn account by clicking on the Password Lookup link. We will immediately send your password to the email address that you have specified.




Dear Cleverlearn,

Thanks a lot for your support. It's really a big help. I am impressed by the customer service of your company. I will continue to use it in the future. Thanks again.

                                                                             - Rita Schneider (Bautzen, Germany)

Hi Rita,

You are most welcome! We will continue to help you in any way that we can. It is our aim to give our subscribers the best service possible. Should you have any other concerns or questions that you would like to ask, please don’t hesitate to write to us again. It will be our pleasure. Thank you for your support Rita, and watch for more exciting new developments on Cleverlearn® products.

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