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Welcome to the maiden issue of CleverNews. This newsletter will serve as a supplement to Cleverlearn�s English learning services. Read up and welcome to a whole new learning experience!


Cleverlearn® is a pioneer in innovative English learning solutions, with the primary aim of teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). Using cutting-edge technology, it has developed a learning system that enhances the learning experience - personalizing it to cater to individual needs of learners.

The ability to develop a vocabulary diminishes with age and presents a higher challenge for people learning a second language. With this in mind, Cleverlearn has put the focus on building up a Personal Vocabulary, making this the core of its learning systems. By establishing a Personal Vocabulary unique to each user, learning becomes personalized, making comprehension easier, faster and effective!



The Personal Vocabulary is an ingenious feature of all Cleverlearn tools that allows you to store words that you have translated for further review. This allows you easy access to words that you want to study repetitively to facilitate easy retention and learning.

With the Personal Vocabulary, important words that you need for specific purposes will not be lost but stored for viewing and constant reviewing until you�ve mastered them like your own native tongue. Repetition promotes the retention of learning, and it is through this principle that the Personal Vocabulary is anchored on. In essence, you are actually building up your own customized vocabulary of English words with the simple and very effective Cleverlearn Personal Vocabulary feature!

The Personal Vocabulary allows continuous learning by coordinating with other Cleverlearn tools whether online or offline. This means that whatever tool you�re using, wherever you are, you will be able to access and update your Personal Vocabulary so learning will be consistent and effective.

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The Clicktionary Version 2.9 is out to redefine your learning experience. This innovative tool is more than just a translation tool � it�s a comprehensive language learning facility that helps build up your vocabulary.

You can learn words continuously by building up a Personal Vocabulary that you can synchronize with other Cleverlearn tools whether online or offline. The Clicktionary Version 2.9 is the mother product of all of Cleverlearn�s services and signing up gives you an account that will allow you to enjoy our other products!


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You can synchronize your Personal Vocabulary on your desktop Clicktionary Version 2.9 with your online account at Cleverlearn®. It�s like bringing your new English Vocabulary anywhere you go. No need to start over when you�re on the move so you can always resume learning where you left off. You can also synchronize from your Palm-based CleverTrainer to the Clicktionary Version 2.9, for an updated Vocabulary base to test your English skills on the go.

Add words to your Personal Vocabulary at your Cleverlearn account online when you use Clevertranslate. All you have to do is synchronize!

The Personal Vocabulary complements all these so your language learning experience is more comprehensive and more effective. You�ll be speaking English fluently in no time!

With Cleverlearn�s Personal Vocabulary - powered tools and services, you open up to a whole new world of learning and understanding!

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English Matters

  LAY or LIE?

Are you using the right words? Using the verbs lay and lie correctly is a big challenge. Do not attempt to use any of them just because they sound good in your sentence or because your ears are used to hearing them that way. Here are the must-know things .

Lay - means to put or place something.
  To place in or bring to a particular position.
  It requires a direct object.

Tense Form Sample
Present lay I lay my books on the desk.
Past laid I laid them on the desk three hours ago.
Participle laid I have laid them there many times.


Lie - means to recline or to put one�s body in a prone position.
  It does not take a direct object.

Tense Form Sample
Present lie She lies down for a nap every day.
Past lay She lay down for a nap yesterday.
Participle lain She has lain in her bed several hours ago.



Yesterday, Peter down on his bed after he his things on the table.

1) house = n. Haus (neutral)
Firma (female)
Abstammung einer Familie (female)
2) apple = apfel
3) love = liebe
4) food = n. Essen, Futter (neutral)
Nahrung (female)
5) good = n. gute (neutral)
Vorteil (male)
= adj. Gut 
6) book = n. Buch, Schreibheft
Block (male)
= v. buchen, eintragen
jemdn. verpflichten, engagieren
buchen, reservieren
7) you = du, dich, dir
ihr, euch
Sie, Ihnen
man, einem, einen,
einer, eine
8) rest = v. ruhen, ausruhen,
liegen, pausieren
9) morning = n. Morgen (male)
Beginn, Anfang (male)
adj. Den Morgen betreffend
10) car = auto (neutral)
Wage, Eisenbahn
Gondel (female)
Kabine (female) is your very own portal for managing your existing Cleverlearn account. This is where you change your security settings and other preferences.

You can also update your online Personal Vocabulary by synchronizing with the Personal Vocabulary of your Clicktionary Version 2.9. When you sign up for the Clicktionary Version 2.9, you automatically get this account management area.

It features a My Personal Vocabulary section which facilitates the learning process by storing and classifying translated words according to your personal preference while the My Translation Service area is for easy online translation. The My Accounts link is where you go to secure your account and store personal information. Just log on to your Cleverlearn account and you�re there!


Clevertranslate is Cleverlearn�s online translation tool. Translate English words to German and vice-versa.

What�s more, if you have an existing Clicktionary Version 2.9 account, you can add all your translated words to your online Personal Vocabulary. Just go to Clevertranslate and get instant translation in just one click!

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Hello. I am a language teacher for kids and I use the Clicktionary Version 2.9 both at home and at the office. Anyway, I would like to format my PC soon and I just want to know if I have to download the Clicktionary Version 2.9 again. Thanks.
                                                                                               - Julia Kasten, M�nchen

Hello Julia and thank you for your continued usage of the Clicktionary Version 2.9. There is no need for you to download the Pro Version again when you format your PC. All you have to do is download the free version and enter the license key. You can then use your personal dictionary anytime, anyplace, whenever you feel it�s necessary. Have a great time using the Clicktionary Version 2.9 Julia. Enjoy!


Dear Cleverlearn Team,
I have a problem with my Clicktionary®
Version 2.9! When I click on a word with the right mouse button, I get no translation. What is wrong with my version? Thanks and regards.
                                                                                           - Thomas Gerath, Frankfurt

Hello Thomas. The Clicktionary Version 2.9 works best with Microsoft Word, Wordpad, Notepad, Internet Explorer and other Microsoft applications. If you use the Clicktionary Version 2.9 'Hotkey' supported by a Microsoft Windows application you will get the translation right away!

Currently we are in the process of improving that and we hope to support more applications very soon. Thank you for your confidence in the Clicktionary Version 2.9!



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