May 2005     Volume 3, Issue No. 3

Cleverlearn to Open English Immersion School

Cebu has always been known as the business and leisure paradise in the Philippines. With its bustling metropolis, idyllic white-sand beaches and pristine clear waters along Cebu island’s coasts, it has become the country’s favorite tourist destination.

The island is also home to some of the world’s most famous diving spots, owing to its rich and abundant marine life.

Until very recently, Cebu is now fast gaining - among tourists and visitors - a reputation as the perfect destination for further studies in English as a Second Language (ESL), given the fact that a slew of institutions offering ESL programs have already set base in this metropolitan resort city.

One ESL School that is about to open is the Cleverlearn English Language Institute or CELI. Cleverlearn English Language Institute is an affiliate of Cleverlearn Ltd.

Cleverlearn Ltd. is a leading provider of online English learning solutions such as Clicktionary, CleverTrainer, CleverHandy, and CleverCourse. Cleverlearn also operates schools and English learning centers in Vietnam and China.

CELI will open two campuses located in Cebu city and Mactan, Lapulapu city.

The Cebu campus will be located at the Bigfoot Center, offering high tech facilities with breathtaking views of the city and the Mactan Channel, and an active social scene at the heart of downtown Cebu. Amenities include private balconies, computer labs, high speed wired and wireless Internet access, a café and a fitness center that includes a yoga/boxing/aerobics room.

The Mactan campus is located in the middle of the 8,200 sq.m. IAFT Campus (International Academy of Film and Television) on the historic Mactan Island, Cebu.

This modern beachfront campus offers the best amenities, great view and access to best white sand beaches and golf courses in the island. The campus has an in-house dormitory, computer labs, a theater, tennis courts, a soundstage, a swimming pool, cafes and restaurants, a fitness center and more.

Cleverlearn English Language Institute will provide a wide range of courses designed to meet the diverse needs of English learners. All language programs will focus on the four core learning skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Language learning is promoted through various classroom activities, group and individual assignments.

Students also use the Cleverlearn Multimedia Tools (CleverCourse, Clicktionary, etc.) made available to them to support class work and for independent study. Using modern teaching methods, CELI offers short-term language courses, intensive exam preparatory programs, certificate programs, conferences and corporate language training.

Other services include access to year-round TOEIC, TOEFL and TSE in-house test centers, living accommodation, visa assistance, airfare and travel packages for students.

We'll keep you posted for more updates on Cleverlearn English Language Institute. For additional information, email us at
Product Updates
   Movielearn Announces the Success of its “World Premiere” as Exhibitor
    at the 9th Hong Kong Filmart
   Cleverlearn Releases New Clicktionary Version; Improved Display,
    Added Settings and Bonus Features Designed for Easier English Learning
Country News
   Cleverlearn Presents its TOEIC Preparation Course at Learntec 2005 in
   Shenzhen Center Opens Weekend Classes for Kids
   New Korean Subscribers to Get Free Gift from Cleverlearn
   Free TOEIC® Practice Exercises to a Korean Community Site
   Cleverlearn Inaugurates Hanoi Language Center
Prof. Clever’s Tips
   What is Perfect Tense?
Letter to Prof. Clever
   How Can I Get a Copy of a Movielearn CD?

Movielearn Announces the Success of its “World Premiere” as Exhibitor at the 9th Hong Kong Filmart

Movielearn Systems Pte Ltd (, an affiliate of Cleverlearn Ltd., announced its successful participation as exhibitor at the 9th Hong Kong International Film and TV Market (HK FILMART), held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on March 22 – 24, 2005.

HK FILMART is the leading trade platform for the film and entertainment industry in Asia and is shaping to be an important showcase for film products in the run-up to the market at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Movielearn Systems' flagship product, Movielearn, is a groundbreaking learning tool that teaches English through DVD movies, by turning movies into exciting, immersing and interactive environments for people of all ages learning English as a second language. Movielearn was one of the 350 HK FILMART exhibitors coming from 23 countries.

“The main point with Movielearn exhibiting at HK FILMART was not only to discuss marketing partnerships further with our existing contacts, but also to serve as a launch pad for the product to further break into the global market,” says Ms. Susan MacDonald, Movielearn's Licensing and Business Development Head. At FILMART, the Movielearn team discussed partnerships and agreements with prospective distributors from different Asian countries and even gave them product demonstrations.

According to Ms. MacDonald, this was the first participation of Movielearn in the said event, in time for the product's major launch into the Asian market. “Our exhibition at FILMART is successful in more ways than what we expected. It's surprising to note that many educational establishments and the public were generally interested with our product. They were very curious how Movielearn works and how effective it is as a learning tool.”

For your inquiries regarding licensing and distribution, contact:

Susan Macdonald
Licensing and Business Development Head,
Movielearn Systems Pte Ltd
2/F, Beautiful Group Tower,
74-77 Connaught Road,
Central, Hong Kong
Tel.: +852-2545-7006
Fax: +852-2850-5365

Cleverlearn Releases New Clicktionary Version; Improved Display, Added Settings and Bonus Features Designed for Easier English Learning

Cleverlearn Ltd, a leading global provider of English learning solutions, has released the latest version of Clicktionary.

Clicktionary is a translation tool equipped with an extensive glossary to translate words from English to German, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Korean in just one mouse-click. Clicktionary is also capable of translating German words to English.

But more than a just a translation tool, Clicktionary is a comprehensive language learning application that helps build a user's English vocabulary. Words are stored into the user's Personal Vocabulary or PV for easy review, which can be synchronized with the rest of Cleverlearn's tools and services. The PV is the central web-based feature of all Cleverlearn products, where all important words a user has learned, would want to review, or would need for future references are stored.

“Now, users can translate and learn new words, review and synchronize their Personal Vocabulary faster and more efficiently,” says Tobias Koenig, Cleverlearn Product Development Head.

Synchronization, for instance, doesn't have to stop the user from using other Clicktionary features while the synchronization process is in progress. Mr. Koenig adds that it is more convenient and easier for users to translate words now since a translation bar is present on every Clicktionary screen.

The new Clicktionary is designed for easier and faster English learning and allows users to fully enjoy its many benefits with more user-friendly UI (user interface) and these added features:

Better Performance. Faster translation lookup and improved translation     results.

Quicker Dictionary Download. Downloading bilingual dictionaries faster than     previous versions.

Translation Feedback. Users can now send their feedback on the translation     results.

To download the Clicktionary for free trial or for more details, go to
For inquiries, contact us at
Cleverlearn Presents its TOEIC Preparation Course at Learntec 2005 in Germany

Proficiency in English is a prerequisite for furthering one’s career. Applicants are therefore advised about being able to turn to the TOEIC® exam (Test Of English for International Communication).

At the recently concluded LEARNTEC show in Karlsruhe, Germany, Cleverlearn made a public presentation of its latest interactive online preparatory course for TOEIC. For just under 20 Euros, one can practice for the TOEIC test everyday, through the course’s largest library of TOEIC exam-like questions and exercises.

Due to the growing demand for TOEIC, Cleverlearn now offers a web-based preparatory course, scientifically designed for professionals who wish to advance their career through better or higher scores in the TOEIC exams.

“Not only in Germany,” says Heinrich Pletschacher, Cleverlearn's European Country Manager, “but all around the world, we want to support those learning English and improve their linguistic skills.”

The Cleverlearn TOEIC Preparation course is set up to simulate the actual TOEIC exam, and has actually integrated approximately 2000 questions from the latter. The TOEIC Preparation course fits nicely into the spectrum of learning contents and tools, which Cleverlearn offers through different platforms as a leading global provider of English learning solutions.

Subscribe now to Cleverlearn TOEIC Preparation for19.95 Euros at

For more information, contact:

Heinrich Pletschacher
Dietlindenstraße 15
80802 Munich
Tel: +49 (0)89-36036-838
Fax. +49 (0) 89-36036-700


Shenzhen Center Opens Weekend Classes for Kids

Cleverlearn's English Language Center in Shenzhen, China has opened weekend English classes for Cleverkids. This 13-week course is given mostly to primary and middle school students, who have Basic English skills.

The weekend classes started on April 2, 2005 at the Shekou language center.

“Children are not as conscious or initiative as adults, so they won't find the right way to learn by themselves,” says Hellen Zhao, marketing manager of Cleverlearn Language Center in Shenzhen. “The parents are needed to lead their children to a suitable English learning environment and arouse their interest in picking up the language. Our foreign teachers have a lot of experience in teaching children English and their teaching projects are designed carefully to meet this need.”

The course is specially designed to keep the attention and enthusiasm of the students through lively discussions, sometimes using interesting visual aids. Thus, the students learn to recognize words by examining the pictures and cultivate the habit of thinking in English gradually.

“We realized this program has given students the opportunity to learn English after school, and it is also a new starting point for Cleverlearn to exploit the English training market in the area,” says Ms. Zhao.

Since Cleverlearn entered the Shenzhen market, it has gained wide public praise and established its brand as a leading English training organization in Shenzhen.

New Korean Subscribers to Get Free Gift from Cleverlearn

In line with its effort to promote online English learning, Cleverlearn Korea is giving out free gifts for every subscription to CleverCourse (any of the 3-, 6- or 12-month packages). This on-going gift promo commenced on April 6, 2005.

For new sign-ups, each subscriber will receive a special gift corresponding to the CleverCourse package purchased. Gift choices range from bags to personal organizers or mobile phone accessories. Cleverlearn will be adding more to the list at any time during the entire promo period. The gifts will be delivered to the address specified by the subscriber.

In addition to the gifts, new CleverCourse subscribers in Korea will also get free 1-month subscription to Cleverlearn TOEIC Preparation course, as complementary to the online English lessons. With these two courses combined, subscribers are assured of a better, faster and more fun way to learn English.

Several high-traffic websites are promoting this campaign alongside Cleverlearn's. Among these are, and The promo is open to all Korean residents.

To subscribe to CleverCourse now, click here.
For more information about this promo, visit

Free TOEIC® Practice Exercises to a Korean Community Site

Cleverlearn Korea has agreed to supply free English content to one of Daum's community sites, Content will come in the form of TOEIC Listening and Reading Comprehension Exercise and English Idioms.

The project is scheduled to launch within the month.

Recognizing the importance of the TOEIC exam in the Korean workplace, Cleverlearn Korea aims to help the members of the community site succeed in the TOEIC exam by providing them free TOEIC practice exams and exercises. The activities that will be presented are samples based on Cleverlearn's TOEIC Preparation Course.

The Cleverlearn TOEIC Preparation Course is a simulation of the actual TOEIC exam, complete with Reading and Listening Comprehension exercises.

The TOEIC content will run in for 2 months, with 1 new lesson each day. In addition to the TOEIC exercises, English Idioms will also be featured.

Cleverlearn Inaugurates Hanoi Language Center

Cleverlearn inaugurated its English Language Center in Hanoi in March. The center, equipped with world-class amenities for a suitable environment for language learning, will bring to the Hanoi market Cleverlearn's brand of English learning method and technology.

The center organizes TOEIC examinations and offers courses designed for every professional's business English learning needs. It also introduces innovative learning tools that use modern mobile technology to maximize every mobile executive's available learning time.

At the inauguration ceremony, the Hanoi center granted 3,333 Cleverlearn online course subscriptions worth VND500 million to the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs.

What is Perfect Tense?

Dear Prof. Clever,

I just don’t understand perfect tense. Why even have perfect tense? My native language doesn’t have perfect tense and my whole country gets along fine.

What’s perfect tense all about anyway?

Andrew Chen

Dear Andrew,

I know how you feel. We have encountered not a few students learning the English language who have the same problem understanding Perfect Tense. Let me try to help you understand.

Perfect tense shows relative time between events.

    1. I went to school.
    2. I have gone to school.
    3. I had gone to school.

The first sentence (“I went to school.”) is in simple past tense. Simple past tense is usually used for a specific action completed in the past. It is often used with a time marker or a time period.

    I went to school yesterday.
    I went to school for six hours.

The second sentence (“I have gone to school.”) is in present perfect tense. Present perfect tense is used for an action at an unspecified time in the past, or an action continuing until now.

    I have gone to school before. (I don't go now.)
    I have gone to school for 10 years. (I continue to go.)
    I have gone to school since I was 6 years old. (I continue to go.)

The last sentence (“I had gone to school.”) is in the past perfect tense. Past perfect tense is used to say that one past event happened before another.

I had gone to school by the time you called. (I went to school. After that, you called.)

I hope this helps. Keep practicing English with your friends and fellow students. Hope to see you at one of our Language Centers soon!

Professor Clever

How Can I Get a Copy of a Movielearn CD?

Dear Prof. Clever,

I read your article on Movielearn (“Cleverlearn Introduces Movielearn: English Learning + Entertainment,” Clevernews March 2005) in the March edition of your newsletter. I thought a product that uses movies to teach English sounds very intriguing and interesting. Although I still have to know how this one works, but the way it was explained in the article, this product is really something that should have been out in the market years ago. I wonder why no one has ever thought of creating an ingenious learning tool of this kind.

The article, however, did not state when the product would be available in the market. How can I get a copy of Movielearn CDs, if I choose not to place any order online? Are there outlets or stores in Germany where I can buy a copy?

Klaus from Germany

Thank you for your letter. We are delighted to know that a number of our subscribers have already emailed us inquiring about Movielearn. Even in the trade fairs we have been to ( see Hong Kong Filmart story under Product Updates section ) and participated in, there's an overwhelmingly positive response from the public each time we make a product presentation. A number of our visitors, in fact, wanted to buy or place their orders for Movielearn copies right away.

We would like to inform you that Movielearn has not yet been released to the market as of press time. I assure you, however, that the product will be out soon. A number of partners in Europe and in Asia have already expressed interest for the product's licensing and distribution, including retailing. Some are now under negotiations, while other deals are about to be finalized.

We will keep you all posted for more updates. In the meantime, because you are in Germany, please contact Heinrich Pletschacher, Cleverlearn Europe country manager, at:

Dietlindenstraße 15
80802 Munich Germany
Tel: +49 (0) 89-36036-838
Fax. +49 (0) 89-36036-700

And to all those interested in licensing and distribution, please contact Susan MacDonald, Movielearn's licensing and business development head, at:

2/F, Beautiful Group Tower,
74-77 Connaught Road,
Central, Hong Kong
Tel.: +852-2545-7006
Fax: +852-2850-5365

Prof. Clever

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