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Enhanced Personalized Features Strengthen

 Cleverlearn®’s Market Share


New York, January 6, 2004 --- For a company to survive the World Wide Web, its marketing strategies must be nothing short of mind-blowing with products that consistently deliver. Cleverlearn Ltd. (, a pioneer in the highly competitive e-learning industry, boosts up its services by integrating them with the Word Reminder™ and the Personal Vocabulary™.


The Word Reminder and the Personal Vocabulary (PV) are the additional features found in all Cleverlearn products, which can be synchronized together to fully maximize the advantages of e-learning. Both are designed to work with the Clicktionary®, the CleverHandy™, the CleverTrainer™, and the CleverCourse™.


Officially called an online English vocabulary enhancer, the Word Reminder is a comprehensive language learning service. It supplies the translation of a word along with the definition, its proper usage, and a sample sentence. This helps promote a better understanding of the word, aids in retention, and ultimately, in the usage of the word.


The Personal Vocabulary or PV is an ingenuous key feature found in all Cleverlearn products and services. It works as a tool that saves the translations for future use and review. It stores words through the PC and web. This allows easy access to words the subscriber needs to learn. The PV, when synchronized with the Clicktionary, can prove to be an effective tool in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


E-mailers from the Word Reminder are essential to every Cleverlearn user. Subscribers are regularly notified of new words to learn. This prompts them to log on to their Cleverlearn account and start learning. They can set the number of times they want to be reminded of the word. The more words saved in the PV, the more words the subscriber learns through the Word Reminder.


“The Word Reminder is an essential tool for multi-tasked people like me. It works like an organizer, reminding me of the words that I want to learn for the day,” said Anja Schmidt, a 23-year-old marketing student from the Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany) and a CleverTrainer™ subscriber. She is one of the rising number of students who use the Word Reminder since its launch last year. 


Cleverlearn Marketing Manager Raymund Fernandez believes that this could be attributed to the growing importance of the English language in global transactions. For 2004 alone, he expects a stiffer competition and more revolutionary products to come out from the market. 


“Cleverlearn’s main objective is to find solutions to e-learning needs. Our products are continuously evolving to meet the demands of the times,” disclosed Fernandez.


Cleverlearn was started in 1999 at Santa Monica, California (USA). It was founded on a vision of computers and the Internet as the next professors of 21st century digital education. Presently, Cleverlearn is the pacesetter in e-learning technology.



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