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Cleverlearn Upgrades the Clicktionary® with the Latest Version 2.9


New York, March 9, 2004 --- Cleverlearn®(, the leading provider of English learning solutions, has released today the newest version of its dictionary software. The Clicktionary® Version 2.9 is now fully enhanced with extensive features, designed to work with nearly all Windows® applications.


The new Clicktionary Version 2.9 build 31 uses the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) method of capturing data.  The OCR software is a visual recognition process that converts scanned images and letters into computer-readable characters. This device allows the latest build to work with almost all Windows applications, except for those in Portable Document Format (PDF). Users can now translate words instantly regardless of their preferred program.  The Clicktionary can be used with Microsoft® Word, NotePad, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, and even Outlook® and Outlook® Express.


It also introduces the multiple-user function, allowing a single Clicktionary service to adapt to the Personal Vocabulary™ (PV) of each registered user. The feature benefits offices, schools and homes where more than one person uses the PC. The PV works as a personal warehouse to store the translated words for future review and practice.



Another advantage the Clicktionary has over its earlier versions is its print feature, which paid subscribers can enjoy. This gives them the option of printing out their own PV lists for review and practice.



The Clicktionary is a desktop application that provides instant translation of English words to German, Chinese, or Vietnamese. With just a mouse-click on a word, the translation is immediately displayed in a pop-up window. The user has the option to save the translated word into his Personal Vocabulary for further study. The new Clicktionary Version 2.9 features multiple user access, multiple language display, and auto-updates to newly released versions.


Founded in 1999, Cleverlearn® Ltd. is an international web company that provides e-learning solutions to individuals and companies. It is a pioneer in the industry specializing in teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL), online or offline.  The idea is to combine computer-based training, web-based training and open-distance learning through mobile phones and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). 


Geared on Reinventing English Learning, it successfully expanded its operations to Europe and Asia.  Presently, Cleverlearn has headquarters in New York (USA), Germany and Hong Kong (China). To get a free download of the Clicktionary Version 2.9, please visit, or


Press Contact:
Cleverlearn® Ltd.
Tel.: +49 (0) 941 6071294
Fax: +49 (0) 941 5853885

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