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Alexis Neme

“In my experience, the TOEIC exam has proven how well it can measure job applicants’ English proficiency. I rely on its results to help me determine the suitability of applicants. It has not let me down.”
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A Brief History of the TOEIC Exam

The test came about from a request from the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry to the Educational Testing Service, or ETS, in the mid-1970’s. It was designed to measure the English language proficiency of individuals whose native language is not English. Initially, corporations used the TOEIC exam, but it spread to include many university graduates, who found that corporations required TOEIC scores
for new employees.

Structure of the TOEIC Test

The TOEIC test is a multiple-choice exam consisting of 200 questions. These are divided into two sections – Listening Comprehension and Reading. The test takes two hours to complete.

In the Listening Comprehension Section, examinees must listen to various recordings of short conversations, statements, questions, and short talks to be able to answer test questions. This is made up of 100 test questions. Examinees are given approximately 45 minutes to answer.
The Reading Section consists of 100 reading questions divided into 3 types – incomplete sentences, error recognition, and reading comprehension. Examinees can answer at their own speed during this part of the test. This section will take 75 minutes.
Specialized knowledge or vocabulary is not a requirement for the TOEIC exam.

Today’s TOEIC Exam

Every year, over 3 million people take the TOEIC, making it the most recognized English test to date. The TOEIC exam is mainly used by corporate clients. These businesses require TOEIC scores for new employees and use these scores to help assess current employees for promotion and overseas assignments.

Universities and language schools use the TOEIC test to measure the progress of their students’ English, for class placement, and to offer their students a globally recognized Certificate of Achievement.

Cleverlearn is the official partner of TOEIC Deutschland.

Cleverlearn has partnered with TOEIC Deutschland, the German division of the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Berlin. TOEIC Deutschland is available through a nationwide network of test centers based in language schools, training institutions and universities offering applied sciences. Our partnership aims to support English learners and TOEIC examinees in achieving their goal to communicate well in English in the global professional environment.


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